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Since the beginning of time, which is January 1, 1970, people have been theorizing about numbers and number theory. One of the most entrancing mysteries in all of mathematics are numbers that are not 64. It has driven many people to distraction, and others to dissolution. Some theorists consider an answer to this mystery to be "The answer to all questions."

Mathematicians, when they are not migrating for the winter or in their nesting season, are the most famous for working on the "Not the number 64" problem. One famous numerologist, Dr. Edwardo Morton , attempted to write what he considered to be the greatest mathematical paper of all time: to make a definitive list of all numbers that are not the number 64. Morton is still working on the paper, and claims that it will be coming out "real soon now."

Numbers that are not 64 underpin even economics, when Alan Greenspan famously said: "...[Numbers that are not 64 are the cause of] Russian Reversal."

Experts have a very clear opinion about "Not the number 64." They have posted warnings that anyone who sees encounters any number that is not 64 should immediately call the authorities, who have special hazmat teams to deal with the errant number(s).

Additionally, most people will agree that when asked to get a Nintendo, one should get one that is not a 64, as most experts in Nintendology agree that said 64 has a derivative game library as is generally far less enjoyable than gaming systems that are not of the number 64.

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