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Novelty Songs: The Songs that REALLY Matter![edit]

Novelty Songs are the ultimate in the musical expression of music. Usually appearing during the holiday season, or when there's a gap in programming, or on some obscure point on the radio dial, Novelty Songs are used to express the joy of music using the funny bone. They are so amazingly cool, outrageous and original that no legitimate artist would ever dream of touching them. They are the exclusive domain of madmen inspired geniuses - who have been blessed with a unique vision of musical form.


Novelty Songs were invented on the Cavemen Celebration of Killing a Pregnant Mammoth Day, when Ug - the third log-beater of the Umlak Tribe - decided to beat his log with a gold rod instead of a wooden stick; and came up with a tune called Jingle Bells. The resultant noise was so annoying sweet, that he sent it in to a radio station to have it appear on the Holiday Hit Parade. The reaction was expected. Most of the population thought the sound was cute. A few snobs intellectuals thought it was vulgar. And a new musical phenomenon was born.

Selection of Classics (ahem!)[edit]

Some of the greatest novelty songs of history include:

  • It's Raining on the Christian Burning, and the Fire's All Gone Out - Anon, Roman Era.
  • What the Abbott Saw - Old Father William, St Medici Abbey.
  • Greensleaves: the hand-action version - attributed to Wm Shackspeer III.
  • How Much is that Dragon in the Window? - Sir Thomas of Essex.
  • She sits in the cabbages and peas - The Colorblind Minstrel.
  • The Oui Wee Whee Willy We - Francoire the Insane and His Merry Troubadors.
  • Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs Murphey's Flower Bed? - Hank Marvin, New York Dish Pan Alley.
  • They're Coming to Take Me Away - Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Space Invaders - Player One
  • Der Fuhrer's Face - Spike Lee
  • Rupert, the Brown-nosed Elf - Santa D. Claus.
  • Tiptoe Thru the Tulips - Tiny Tim.
  • Flyin' Saucers Rock 'N' Roll - David Icke

All Novelty Songs are the exclusive copyright of Dr. Demento, and anyone caught broadcasting them without permission will be flogged, drawn and cubed. So there!

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