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If you don't see the subtle differences, you're one of them, pure and simple.

It's very simple: either you understand and appreciate nuance, or you don't. There aren't two ways about it. People who can appreciate nuance are good, smart, right and a benefit to society, while people who pay no attention to nuance need to be taken out and shot.

Mitigating factors[edit]

Look, if you have an ounce of perception in your thick skull, you will acknowledge that in any given situation, while there are almost always general truths and acceptable modes of behavior, there are always mitigating factors and circumstances that can have an important influence on what might be the best course of action to take.

Given the complexity of human behavior and experience, things can often be a little bit iffy, and you need to take these factors into account before you go jumping to conclusions and flying off the handle.

If you don't, you're just a moron. It's as simple as that.

The Problem Of Morons[edit]

Morons who don't consider all sides of an argument before making snap judgments need to be rounded up and put out of all of our misery. They cause nothing but problems in the world, and they are never ever going to change. So we should just take them all out to a field and mow them all down, just like that. An AK-47 ought to do the trick. That would completely solve the problems they refuse to stop burdening the rest of us with.

Am I being clear enough?[edit]

Maybe you aren't getting my drift here. I don't think I'm being wishy-washy or unclear. Maybe I'm stuttering. Am I stuttering? I don't think so. What part of kill all the morons who refuse to be more judicious and reasonable do you not understand?

Or maybe you just disagree? Is that it? Well, I don't want to hear it. It's people like you who keep anything really effective from getting accomplished. Is there any redeeming quality to the jerk-offs who see the entire world in their uninformed black and white? No. So what's the problem? If we simply kill them all, then we will no longer have to endure their idiotic, jingoistic, biased nonsense.

The plan[edit]

Round up the morons who don't have sense enough to carefully consider every detail. Then shoot them.

Here's how we can do it.

First, send out a simple survey to everyone in the world. This survey asks one simple question.

"Do you believe that people who violate sacred principles of fairness and equanimity should be dealt with swiftly and harshly?"

This is a well-designed question, and it will weed out the morons in a beautifully simple way. As you can clearly see, anyone who answers this question "Yes" is a moron.[1]

We then round them up in an open field and shoot them all.[2] It will be very important to go through the crowd carefully and make sure each moron is dead, or the whole effort will be futile.

Then, what can I say?

Mission accomplished.


  1. And, by their own admission, would support our effort. Think about it.
  2. We should probably also include in the group anyone with a lisp. Lisps are annoying and moronic.