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A common houshold accident
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Close enough.

Joseph Kennedy was the first to explore the secret German nuclear-bomb testing centers. While he was visiting the testing range, someone asked to take a picture. So he is often postulated as the axiomatic inventor of the nuclear bomb. The first device was disguised as a R&B record, an event never denied by JPK. "It's da bomb", he would say when asked about his musical taste. A documentation of the reaction of the nuclear bomb by the general public can be found in AAAAAAAAA!.

Nuclear bombing is not to be confused with Unclear Bombing which is the type of bombing George W. Bush uses frequently on Iraq.

Kim Jong's hair to celebrate entering the Nuclear Club. Don King's fashion agency provided design consulting.

Long time the world was under threat of some atomic bombs of the Russian - who simply stole them from Isreal, they got them from the USA, who bought some Bombs at "Saddams Bomb House -Bagdad". Only the Germans know how to creat those bombs.

Rumors say, that if you get yourself in a secret wood, near to a city, which has to do something with "sweat" (German: Schwitz) and "au" (German "Au"). There you get some nice fairies telling you to do some funny stuff, like attack the French. If you do a good job - the bomb will be yours.

An atomic bomb exploded in Nevada in 1957 was so damn big, that black people eating beans and weenies on a hillside 300 miles from the epicenter thought their hound dog had flatulated, and refused to feed him. PETA later became involved.

It was tested in Japan two times:

A japanese Man: "It was the brightest and best situation in all my life! ... can I have my hair back now?" See also: Making up Tamia quotes

Some modern nuclear bombs actually approach the power released in a shoop-da-whoop.

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