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He did you know.

Nuff is the self-proclaimed supreme ruler of the Internet. He is the leader of the Masters of the Internet, and he has complete rule over everything that goes on on the Internet. Everything. At all. Internet.

Nuff's age is unknown, though he is believed to be the son of Fairy Nuff and Word (not the Microsoft version though as, citing typical Microsoft quality, he would be impotent). His location is currently unknown but, as he holds such a supreme and noble position on the internet, it's probably his parent's basement.

On the Internet, what Nuff says, goes.


kitty04> wheres jim?
slimer> he got banned from the internet, 'nuff said.
kitty04> OH
kitty04> there we go
ryanator2> I'm getting DSL, 'Nuff said.
morpho> Sweet
morpho> I hope he was being serious
KITTY04> whyd you type the ' before his name?

'Nuff Said.

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