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“Alright Nuggets, let's do this”

Nugget is a term to describe someone who annoys you, sh!t, is an idiot or is just being a damn bloody nugget hence the term "God dammit you bloody nugget." The term nugget can only be outdone by the term NOTD or Nugget of the Day, this is when the bestower of the term nugget (or Creators), Patrick, Luke and (the brother of Leroy Jenkins) ANNNNNNDREWWWWWW WINSTAAAANNNN, decides that someone has done something so stupid or they are just being a plain dumbass nugget and deserve to be shot with a revolver or hit to death with a stick from the Zazamood Ritual. The insult nugget shouldn't be confused with the type used in many restaurants and the kind yhou find in the ground, though all three are golden and crunchy and made up mostly of fat (as in the case of Deon the Nugget)the two are very different, the nugget of this article has a silent alphabet when it comes to the letters A to Z.

NTTG you know me[edit]

Nugget was derived from the term NTTG (New to the Game) and is a simple code where in which the letter T is replaced with a G and in the reverse, this complex code was originally used by Germans but they chose to use German instead as when saying the term "Gosser", a German word meaning friend, was replaced with the code. Upon using the code many a German was made into schnitzel. The code was devised by one of the three Creators who had just watched a Leroy Jenkins video and was in a shouting mood, upon hearing the term NTTG he was heard to remark "NNNNNUGGGGETTTTT" (using the code as explained before) to the amusement of Luke.

Why are nuggets so damn annoying[edit]

This is pretty much summed up by . Its not nugget science people.