Nuns of Doom

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~ Scared Man on Nuns

“NUNS! NUNS! Reverse, Reverse!”

~ Father Jack on Nuns

“Good for nothing, Nuns are.”

~ Yoda on Nuns
A group of nuns prepared for a fight against evil Protestants

The nuns are the Roman Catholic Church's first line of defence against evil. They wear the traditional black and white battle garment and habit, an outfit designed specifically by Pope Professor X VII for maximum mobility whilst carrying on their holy mission. Nuns most often travel in squadrons (convents), headed by one Mother Superior nuns often lead there army training at a monastery, where to make money they offer sexy car washes and cheap sex. nuns are famous for creating gang bangs.


The nuns have an impressive arsenal at their hand for the battles against various evils. In addition to being able to fly on their own power. They also have laser beam eyes and fire breath. A Mother Superior has the additional power to grow to 1000 ft tall. all nuns carry a retarded alpaca to carry all there goods for the additional fee of them promising the retarded alpaca ice-cream. the nuns of doom carry evil ak-47's aka terrorist gun to blow the mother fucking snakes off the mother fucking plane.


Nuns have many sworn enemies, including Protestants and other heretics, pagans, nintendo,pink slippers, ingrown toenails,chinchillas,japanese cartoons, jedi, feminists, evil lunchboxes, evil in general (see Margaret Thatcher/Oprah), and the Army of Darkness, whom they allied with Bruce Campbell to defeat. Nuns posses the greatest power that god has ever been able to weild, and that my friends is the power of telling people what to do, the horror!!!


The nunjas (or ninja nuns) are like the special forces of the nuns. They are used today to protect the pope against pirates, ninjas, protestants, and gypsies. They are the reason why you can't see any of those listed above in Vatican City. The Swiss Guards' outfits are too gay top protect the pope so they step in and the Swiss Guards are just used for show. Like regular nuns, they use rulers. Unlike regular nuns, those rulers are metal and sharp and intended to kill you.

A nunja about to attack you

Beware they have been known to attack mahonys

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