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Nurse Joy, Professor Oak, Officer Jenny, and Ash's Mom aka 'Womb of the Anti-Christ', attempting to have Ash. Guess which one was the lucky mother? It is unknown which Nurse Joy this was.

Nurse Joy represents cloning at its finest, far exceeding the Officer Jenny models. In many Pokemon episodes, a Nurse Joy helps out the team for free.


Nurse Joy was made by Tom Cruise to reinforce the armies of Oprah. Hundreds of clones were made to run many Pokecenters to heal wounded soldiers for free, often messing up and accidentally killing them. When they weren't used, many of these clones started using the Pokecenters to heal Pokemon, often telling trainers that their Pokemon just needed a "good night's rest" when they really forced them to become soldiers in the armies of Oprah. Nurse Joys are in many Pokemon episodes, but they never actually do anything significant. They all have the same looks, clothes, and personalities, except for the cross on their hat which are different colors. Nurse Joys also have a tendency to be sadistic bitches by telling the trainer and his or her wounded Pokemon that she hopes to see them again; thus stating she hopes the trainer gets his or her ass kicked again. One of the clones had gotten pregnant with Ernie's daughter, Izzy and died while giving birth to her. Nurse Joy is probably the hottest girl alive. (To Brock and some other's eyes) Nurse Joy is commonly chased down by the Know-it-all Brock because she's so shmexy to him.

In Pokemon[edit]

Tom Cruise pwning Nurse Joy

Any Nurse Joy is always willing to heal everything that they can find. They are like Jesus, except that they turn Brock on, forcing Misty to pull him away by an ear, or later, in seasons 6-9, for Max to drag him off or later for his retarded Pokemon to paralyze him with a punch to the crotch and carry him away. One Nurse Joy is in every town and important location, along with nowhere areas like in front of the Dark Cave in yellow, red, blue, and green versions of the GameBoy game. They never fail to annoy game players because of their habits of saying the same thing over and over, anywhere you find them.


Nurse Joy can be found on Sesame Street secretly seducing Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Count Von Cunt. She can also be found working for Another Castle, but unlike the other employees, she has a part-time job. She is even found sexually keeping Dr. Robotnik active. She is also found caring Snuffleupagi in Boston.