Nutsawooska, Iowa

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Home of the giant warbird of big wiggly thingys

travel destination of the year(2020)

Best place to live if you are an escaped mental patient with a taxi

Population: 90 million

most memorable landmark: statue of town drunk on the fourth of july captioned:"I can't believe he's eating a live pigion whole"

interesting stories[edit]

Sally orville once ate an entire house in like, two bites, while sitting on the town square. Now she sells auto insurance to orphans, its true.

one time, the town scientist unearthed the lost city of atlantis, then he covered it in cream cheese to preserve it forever in the minds of those who love cream cheese. Now he is working on inventing a way for loserly nerds to feel loved, he has two government grants already.


90BC-Founded by Aliens from the planet Skyron

1750-Rediscovered by French settlers

1800-Town hall built

1830-Population jumps from 900 to 1400 literally overnight

1890-Tesla builds his Death Ray in the city square

1895-Tesla marries the town drunk's daughter Hilda

1939-Sends the famous "pantless brigade" to fight against the German Menace

1953-Town population swells to 2100

1979-New Disco Hall opens on Larksvomit Ave.

1990-Tesla's decendents deny that Tesla ever lived in Nutsawooska

2003-Town pop drops from 2300 to 2017

2020-voted best international travel destination

2050-First spaceport to provide free silly straws and party hats with every space flight

2090 instigates the lack of punctuation agreement with the united nations who whole heartedly agreed

3000 1n5t1g4735 73h r3p14c3 13773r5 wh3r3v3r p0551813 4gr33m3n7

31337 73(-) 1337 7|2347`/ 0|= 31337!!!

famous residents[edit]

Tesla, Mr. T, James Dean, William Shatner,