Nutter Bomb Biscuit Sandwiches

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No-one like soggy sandwiches.


A weapon invented during the Korean war, the Nutter Bomb was much like a landmine in most regards. When activated, it would pop out of the ground at waist height before going off. However, it was the subject of nothing but derision at first because all it did was tell really poor jokes - in Korean, at that, which was totally lost upon the Americans. Later a Korean scientist by the name of Adolf Nichterline (who was suspected of being German) added sandwiches to the interior of the Nutter Bomb, which would cause it to fire peanut butter sandwich shrapnel into the enemy at close range - satisfying their hunger so much that they would require a nap.

Installation of NBBS[edit]

The Nutter Bomb Biscuit Sandwich can be easily be deployed out in the field by the Flying Spaghetti Monster using aerial means, but the NBBS is best hidden by ground installation. Highly trained sheep and Roman ninjas, can place the mine in the best place suitable for a big meal and a long nap. In 1966, the British Empire failed to heed this advice by training just two cows to do the job. This poor judgement caused them to loose sovereignty over the Chunnel in the Great Potato Famine.

Activation of NBBS[edit]

Nutter Bomb Biscuit Sandwiches will explode on the detection of movement in a range of three arms lengths. Movement is defined as physical, gastrointestinal, artistic or actaully stepping on the mine itself. The NBBS has an adjustable time delay and range of explosion to maximise efficiency and to create an elaborate instruction manual which commonly caused the operator to take a nap.

Efficiency of NBBS[edit]

Nutter Bomb Biscuit Sandwiches led to the capture of many important figures during World War II.

After WWII, several countries developed peanut butter-resistant armies to combat against the success of the NBBS. It is also rumored that they can cure Ham Disease.

Future of edible weaponry[edit]

This was the real beginning of tasty explosives, which lead to today's more effective mines, such as the Banana Nut Bread Bomb, and the Muesli Cereal Sticky-Bomb.

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