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First, a warning. O.o (pronounced "Kah-Kah") is a creature so foul, so evil, that it has to feed off of McDonalds to survive. O.o (Commonly referred to as o.o, or O.O) is an ancient menace, derived from the pits of thought itself. For a very long while, none dared to oppose it as it sit at the very top of the world.


O.o was born from the unconscious thoughts of Al Gore as he was creating the Internet. He just happened to combine the wrong thunks and created an entity that was the polar opposite of the internet, which of course....was O.o. Once Al Gore had realized what he had done, he tried to contain O.o, but O.o was far too powerful, and was unleashed upon the world.

No one has ever forgotten this grave mistake.

For years, O.o wandered the British moors, feeding off of tourists as it gained strength. It killed everybody that crossed it's path, except for Shaun Connery, who was bitten, and became a werewolf. Soon enough, O.o started to formulate a master plan to concur the moors. He sowed seeds of hatred into the ground, which grew into his first minions, the Unholy Trees of Pure Ungoodness.