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An object is a theoretical concept that scientists have been puzzling over for years. There is little proof supporting the existence of objects. It was oringinally theorized that an object can be any shape and any color, but it was later determined objects can only be yellow. The concept of an object was first thought up by the world's sexiest cyborg, Steven Hawking. While chillaxing in his bath, Hawking came up with a formula, proving the existence of objects.

Some people believe they have seen objects. They are full of shit.

Scientists believe that this may be an object.

The interaction of objects[edit]

Objects can be free moving or attached to one another at the molecular level by a process called true love. Most objects are said to be free moving and on a perpetual collision course with Jesus. If one were to tickle an object, it might explode violently, creating a black hole.

If you bare witness to an object, do not take a picture of it with a camera, as it is believed that a camera is an object that produces photos, which are in turn objects, which would result in an object depicting an object, and that's just freaky.

Things that might be objects[edit]

Things that might not be objects[edit]

Things you don't find fun[edit]

  • Sex

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