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Diagram of various geopolitical and gastroenterological interactions.
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Obscurantism, also known as the politico-economic effect of trihydrostatic integration on ursine urine and technical terminology, is quasi-linearly analyzable trochaically, ichtyologically, phenomenologically, comparatively by Boltzmann's rule of marine linguistics, obsessive-compulsively, paleobotanically, and phallologically (Spears et al. 1124-1635) a fundamental component of triglycerol deprotonation. The end result of this arduous process is the extraction of various cycloalkenes and pseudopsychological innaccuracies in the trigonometrically disproportional dingbat insertion in the "Flux vs. Time" postulate, detailing the creation of heliocentrism from circa 442 B.C. to 956 A.D., a controversial glutaminal contamination at the least. By utilizing the tertiary qualities of Fourier transforms on Platonic and semi-Platonic internal character metaelectrohydrolysis, we further synthesized the several epistemological constraints of dynamic ornithological hexameter.

Ichtyological Multivariable Analysis[edit]

The per capita gross domestic product of ursine urine in 2006 was 7,304.4534 Coriolis cephalopods (Quayle et al. 258-789). Following alienation en masse of prokaryotic entities with high Hitler index, secondary pectoral fins underwent in vitro fertilization with numerous non-governmental organizations ad nauseum.

The curve reflects technical mortality and semi-mortality among jargon samples under the effect of the Pauli Exclusion Principle.

Whereas ethnographic investigation reveals higher rates of decapitation among low tidal nested loops, data transfer mechanisms between Belgium and illiterate owls varied Germanically with rate of mastication. Thus, the subdivisions within the quasilumniferous bodies of radiation will hyperpermutate with proportion to an iota function (n=1). Thus, we have demonstrated the reflexive axiom of ursine urine, that is, urine is urine.

Deontological vs. Neomystical Phenomena[edit]

We are presented with an immensely irresolvable Kantian ideological and ichtyological spheroidal dilemma. In Finnegan's Wake, Joyce, the great hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobiac of our time, writes,

Now (to forebare for ever solittle of Iris Trees and Lili O'Ran- 1

gans), concerning the genesis of Harold or Humphrey Chimp- 2 den's occupational agnomen (we are back in the presurnames 3 prodromarith period, of course just when enos chalked halltraps) 4 and discarding once for all those theories from older sources which 5 would link him back with such pivotal ancestors as the Glues, the 6 Gravys, the Northeasts, the Ankers and the Earwickers of Sidles- 7 ham in the Hundred of Manhood or proclaim him offsprout of 8 vikings who had founded wapentake and seddled hem in Herrick 9 or Eric, the best authenticated version, the Dumlat, read the 10 Reading of Hofed-ben-Edar, has it that it was this way.

This reflects the semi-Marlovian, or paleo-opthalomogical, tradition of canonical reductionist synthetic ontology. The alchemical symbolism employed by the author parallels the discovery of trinitoluene surfactants in the Silurian period (Scheisskopf et al. 792-821). Hence, we can analyze the Hitler index of a non-Newtonian macroscopic entity using the multidimensional reduction formula:

where and x represent the psychoses of a calculus student suffering from various disorders of category CVN-501(c)(93)(3%630-z)(T). It is then evident that trihydrostatic integration of ursine urine can only be performed under a dynamic equilibrium exceeding the Lavoisier-Descartes-Feynman Limit.

The Einstein-Beer Stein Paradox: Phallological/Paleobotanical Solution[edit]

Non-linear dynamics in z-space

Let us examine the nature of the premises.

We use X to denote the rate of quasi-rotational entropy. By we denote the degree of perspicuousness of this article. Thus, we apply a series of conspiratorial and hyperesoteric transcendental operations and obtain:

If we substitute Z for X, then we obtain the solution to numerous theogastrological problems of antiquity. Hence the paradox reduces itself to a Miltonian singularity, reminiscent of the work of Pollock. Within the Alighieri Equations, there are several variables which can be solved using the methods of cephalalgic calculus. This leads to several corollaries concerning the interplay of lex talionis and Tyrannosaurus rex. 33.458% of subjects in the trial chose Tyrannosaurus rex when the corpus callosum was ionized (Scheisskopf et al. 320-452). When the fractious gravitons orbit the sub-noxious vapor dominions at the above prescribed angle (whilst exposed to gamma and ultraviolet radiation, of course), the Dinonychus, closely related to its jurassic counterpart, Velociraptor, and its miniature triassic variant, Coelophysis, the postmodernist approach to the modernists' increases asymptotically, leaving little room for doubt that there is (without the ethnomonologogically relevant substitutions necessary for prompt revival) no such thing as a scietific method.


Although methodological and epistemological constraints limited the number of photosynthetic polar bears we were able to produce by the synthesis of 3,7-dihydro-3,7-dimethyl-1H-purine-2,6-dione, a pattern of allegorical pandemic eschatology was established. Furthermore, man's inhumanity of man is supremely symbolized by the ontological nature of the actions of the antagonist. Consequently, we are able to conclude with 75.23% certainty that ursine urine is not equivalent to canine urine.