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“I couldn't understand what Occam was talking about. It took him forever to explain anything.”

~ A scientist on Occam

“Occam's Razor doesn't care about black people.”

~ Another Scientist on Kanye West

“Can this man be Trusted with my throat exposed like that?”

Either (1) Occam’s Razor is a razor used by some famous guy named Occam, or (2) Occam’s Razor is the scientific principle that the simpler of two explanations is correct.

Can you tell which explanation of Occam's Razor this article is about? If you said bot, not only are you missing the point, but you are correct! Occam hand crafted this particular grooming implement as a method with which he could prove Occam's hypothesis, which he also hand crafted in an attempt to win a bet with a number of religious apologists.

While he was not able to win his bet, Occam's Razor has proved to be one of the most important scientific tools in the history of mankind. Occam's Razor is designed to make the things it is applied to much simpler and thus make it easier to use Occam's Hypothesis much more easily, by revealing exactly what the simplistic explanation is.


The original Occam's Razor was invented in the late 19th century as the simplistic way to shave. Using a single blade and unique strip of scented, soap-embedded foam, it dispensed with the need for both shaving cream and aftershave. Using magic (not simple), Occam was able use his razor (simple) to make things that were not simple immediately simple, thus allowing for easy scientific techno babble in the workplace.

Known Examples of Usage[edit]

Perhaps the most famous example of the Razor at work was when renowned physicist Albert Einstein used it to fashion his theory of general relativity, which is , basically saying that inertia appears normal to all people. In retrospect this was so glaringly obvious already that it is slightly embarrassing that we even needed such a tool as the Razor to discover it.

Occam's Razor in action.

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Occam's Razor - the amazing razor designed for philosophers everywhere!