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“The day when the Occitan cross replaces the tricolor flag in the squares of cities and villages will be a great day for the victory of democracy for the oppressed people of the world!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Occitània
They surrender! They surrender!

Occitania (Occitan: Occitània [utsiˈtanjɔ] French: Occitanie) is the area of Western Europe where people speak (*gasp*) Occitan! The territory consists of most of southern France, Monaco, and parts of Italy and Spain. Occitania has been oppressed as a cultural concept since the Middle Ages, but has never learned to grow balls and stand up for itself. Perhaps this is why, despite the cowardice of the French, they still continue to be oppressed after 800 years.

Right now there are about 3 million people (of 14 million) who speak Occitan. However, due to their wimpiness even by French standards, they are forced to speak French by the government of France.

The Occitan people have a very pacifist way of life. This is made worse by their already prevalent cowardice. They share the value of peace and tranquility. Unlike the Corsicans and Basques, the Occitans have kept their cultural independence in maintaining their traditional values: being lazy, taking naps, and surrendering. Because of these qualities, Occitania is an important part of France.

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Occitania.


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