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One Officer Jenny tries to conceive Ash, but fails.

“What posers!”

~ Nurse Joy on Officer Jenny

“The problem of the 1,342,456,769,257 Officer Jenny clones is simple to explain, much more difficult to solve.”

“She picked me up one night. Turned out she was into police-themed BDSM. Go figure”

~ Oscar Wilde on police brutality

Officer Jenny Talia is the failed continuation of the clone line by Tom Cruise in his attempt to create a safer world for Oprah before their declaration of war.

In Pokemon[edit]

Officer Jennys are a bunch of identical clones that rarely show up, as a failed police force. They usually dont't do anything until Ash rescues them through Pikachu (Ash). Very few episodes have an appearance.

Before editing, the idea of officer Jenny was rather pornographic, wearing a much more revealing and sexy outfit. Being Japanese, this concept was kept, but had to be edited for all other countries, except for all of asia, the next most perverted place of all, and because America is full of shitheads and losers that cant be manly and take it they have to edit her outfit out.

Jenny's Crew[edit]

Jenny's Crew, otherwise known as "Jenny and her Bitches", has been rollin like niggas since the dawn of time. It's actually her and a bunch of identical versions of herself, rollin fo sho.

Known Relationships[edit]

One Jenny has a thing for Squirtles, and gives one to Ash because she can't really take care of so many anymore, because they reproduce more than rabbits, and when i say she gives Ash "the squirtles", there is no pun intended. I assure you.

Many Jennys like Growliths, because they are like dogs, but they can set you on fire if they sneeze. In this event, everyone laughs, and then it cuts to a commercial break, OR Team Rocket flies off into the sky due to yet another series of unfortunate events. Growlith are trained to follow their Jennys' voice, so Team Rocket used that one time. Until Pikachu (Ash) blew them up and they flew yet again. It is still unknown how they can survive so many flights.

One Jenny had a Spinerak, some kind of Spider Pokemon. It made a web and stupid people like Misty walked into it and got stuck until they starved to death. And all of the eight year olds and pedophiles watching would laugh, and laugh. Of course Ash never got saved, because his death never damages the show. And he died there at the age of eleven.

Another Jenny can be found guarding Sesame Street, and more of the Officer Jennys are found sexually keeping Dr. Robotnik and Mario company with footsex.(For some reason all teh Jennies wear high heels.)

Crimes They May or May Not Have Stopped[edit]

These are the crimes either they may have stopped or failed to stop.

  • Stopped Voltar's cocaine addiction.
  • Tried to stop Nick Jr. from eating Bill Cosby's Jello.
  • Tried to stop Brock from raping Terra. (Finally, Brock's not a virgin anymore!)
  • Tried to stop Hitmonchan from killing Captain Falcon.
  • Stopped Cookie Monster from eating teh Chips Ahoy mascot.
  • Tried to stop Doomageddon from shooting one of the Officer Jennies.
  • Stopped The Koopalings from seducing your Mom.
  • Tried to stop Nurse Joy from eating fat, plump babies.
  • Stopped Bowser from kidnapping Big Bird.
  • Tried to stop Bugs Bunny from taking over Ying Yang YO!.
  • Stopped YOU from masturbating.(But you still have to pay her.)
  • Tried to stop Ivo Robotnik from pulling out his PINGAS in public and slapping women in the face with it.
  • Stopped a bank robbery performed by Black Gladiator and his wife from being successful by setting off a bomb.

IRL Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny!