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Meh, nobody cares about this article.

“Oh no! Something happened!”

~ Captain Obvious on "Oh no!"

“Something happened? Oh no!”

~ Captain Oblivious on "Oh no!"


Hey. Hey <insert name here>. You had a long day. It may be work, it may be school. You’ve had a rough life, too. It may those damn annoying brats you’ve had to take care of for 20 years because they were too lazy to get off of MySpace and find a job. It may be that day you voted for Bush. You want to go in a time machine and un-do the day you made that mistake, but guess what? You can’t. Oh no!

Hey, there may be some stuff you regret too, isn't there, <insert name here>? Like that time you and your next door neighbor had that fight over that last piece of Reese's Pieces and for no reason - no reason at all - brought out that machine gun and shot her over 500 times? What was the FIRST sentence that popped out her mouth?

No. It wasn't "BITCH! I'm calling the cops! You shot me over a damn piece of Reese's Pieces!"

You're just hallucinating that because your best friend's ghost is being a pain in the AAAAAAAAAA.

It. Was. "OH NO!"

How about that time you left your kids home with that "new guy who just moved in"? He said he would "babysit" them until you got home. Oh yeah, when you got back they were all gone. What did you do? Call the cops? Take out that machine gun? Nope. You let out a ginormous "OH NO!"

Origin of "Oh No!"[edit]

Oh no! No need to cry over it!

One day in the year nineteen hundred and twenty eight, somewhere NOT on this page, a man named Mike Hawk was drinking some milk, and, well, he got distracted. He was trying to set it down on the table - only to find it didn't land on the table, but all over his new rug. Upset (over his clumsiness), and thirsty, his scream "OH NOOOOOO!" could be heard from around the world. Since then, people has used this phrase for various reasons. It's been used and abused for decades, whether someone is happy, sad, or simply waking up from unconsciousness.

It is common belief that Hugh Jass is the one who came up with the phrase "Oh no!"; this is all a lie folks.

It is also false that Mike Hawk repeated the same action again; he never got another glass of milk, nor did he get another rug, fearing that his crying over spilt milk would make him "less of a man" [he was, already less of a man, and didn't even know it; he WAS Mike Hawk, y'know.]

Reasons for Using "Oh No"[edit]

Oh yeah?! ...Oh no.
  • Reading this page in pity.
  • Making Chuck Norris pissed.
  • Someone says "Oh Yes!!"
  • ...Even looking at Chuck Norris is enough to be saying "Oh No!"
  • Paris Hilton wants to jump your bones.
  • When someone says "Hey, Kool-Aid!" and you have a fence around your house.
  • Getting a bad haircut.
  • Your parents finding out you stayed up all night on uncyclopedia.
  • Hitler shaves his moustache.
  • "You just got punk'd!"

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