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Oj Da Juiceman
Biographical information

Atlantis aka ATL

Date of foundation


Date of dissolution

Set to 2012, when the world collapse

Physical description


Hair color

black like tar

Eye color

black like tar

Chronological and political information

Dark age of Hip-Hop


guccimane, Soldier Boy, Shawty Hoe


“OJ? Hmm, he seems to be using his intelligence in a professional capacity.”

~ Albert Einstein on Oj Da Juice

“Burrr, WELL DAMN, it's Gouch! Himme up to collab, burr!”

~ Gucci Mane on Juiceman

Otis Williams Jr., (born February 29, 1981) better known by his rap name OJ da Juiceman aka Yung Juice (pronounced: Yan Yuu), is a rapper and founder of a documentary film subsidiary '32 Entertainment'. His stage name refers to his habitual drinking; to drink juice because his grandma told him that juice and milk are effective to retain wholesome life. He refused milk because he is in a belief of Hinduism, and eventually he got into habit to drink 100% orange juice everynight before slumber. He is well known for collaborating with Atlanta's best monkey best rapper alive Gucci Mane (his strongest sidekick ever), and his famous lyricaly certified lines "Aye" and "Well Damn".

People often seem to be doubting his intelligence simply because he sounds like a mix between an uneducated, jobless, un-shaved person and a 5 year old. I don't know whether he is dumbing himself down or he really is stupid. WELL DAMN!

Early Life[edit]

OJ da Juiceman was born Otis Williams Jr., son of the founding member of the Temptations Otis Williams Sr. On March 16, 1981 a month after Juiceman was born, while on a Temptations Reunion tour stop in Atlanta, Ga. During a restroom stop at a McDonald's Otis Williams Sr carrying his newborn son, dropped Juiceman on the head and left his son on at the bathroom floor. He was discovered by rapper and actor Gucci Mane while cleaning random fast food restaurant bathrooms. Mane tooked care of Juiceman as if it was his own son to love and by no means molest him, well until he turned 5. At age 17, in a Atlanta elementary school he discovered the stage name OJ da Juicman since the school's cafeteria could not provide any type of juice, so to make up for this, he would share orange juice around the school for free. Juiceman later dropped out of school to pursue his wack ass rap career like his fake ass father Gucci Mane.

Brief Introduction from OJ[edit]

"Aye, aye, it's Yan Yuuuu, well damnnn, fitty five cutlas, we be gettin paypa, money like skhaiscrypa, flippin bricks, 50 bricks, we got it all, me and gucci in da traphouse flippin chickins, aye, its yan yuu and dis shit offishal, well dayum, orange juice fo da kids, cuz we be gettin money, pussie so wet like dey pushed hur off da boawt, we shtuntin', ghetto supastar, AYE AYE, MAJOR ICE MAKE YA GO BURR"

Rough translation for the people whom are not familiar with OJ's language:

"Hello, this is Young Juice, well damn, '55 Cutlass, We are earning money. Our money stacks are as high as skyscrapers, flipping packs of cocaine, 50 packs of cocaine to be exact. We got it all, me and my mentor Gucci are residing in his mansion. We often flip some packs of cocaine. Once again, this is Young Juice and this is official. Well damn. Orange juice for the kids (as they are the future), and also because we are earning money (like I stated before). Vagina so wet, as if they pushed the female off a boat. We are showing off, ghetto superstars. Hello, hello. A lot of white gold jewelry (ice) which makes you freeze a little bit.

You might not get the last sentence, as it's a deliberated subliminal sentence. The sentence has been designed to pass below the normal limits of the human mind's perception.

Bitch Fight with Robert Downey Jr.[edit]

The problem-causing cover.

Long story short, Almost every rapper has a role model, and for most rappers it's overrated Scarface. But since OJ is such a retarded and childish rapper, it's not a surprise that he has a different role model. His fucking role model is Iron Man. He named his 4th mixtape "Oj Man" (which u should never listen to btw). OJ used his superior talents to photoshop himself onto Iron Man's body, indicating that he is now OJ Man. Soon after that, Robert Downey Jr. saw the design and punched the screen and broke his hand, he cried, he got mad, he tried to call him but at that time OJ couldn't afford a 59$ phone.

A week later, they faced each other on the gangsta streets of Hollywood. Long story short they got into an altercation, Robert fucking Downey Jr tried to punch OJ. OJ ducked like a little girl and suckerpunched him like a straight up pussy would do. Long story short OJ and his retarded friends pissed on that ass, straight up stomped Robert until the motherfucker was bleeding. Robert got his motherfucking ass kicked.

Long story short, OJ felt great after that weak ass fight. He realized that he suckerpunched and pissed on his idol, and it actually made him happy. He now thinks his bitch ass is the new Iron Man.


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  • Juice World
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He is also dropping a new album called "The Otha Side of the Bed", featuring the new hit-single "Dick-Sucking Anthem" featuring Waka Flocka Flames.