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Most Holy Kingdom of Okinawa | formerly Okinawan Landing Strip Prefecture of Empire of Japan
Flag of Okinawa Imperial Seal of Okinawa
(Flag) (Imperial Seal)
Motto: "You no land prane here! You go!"
National Anthem: We Hate Evil Japan
Official language Pidgin Okinawan
Capital Celestial Nippon Air Traffic Control Tower
President-for-Life Pat Morita (Prime Minister until 1982)
Prime Minister Tetsuo Matsuryaba (since 1991)
National Heroes Steven Seagal, Ralph Macchio, Mr. Miyagi
Independence 1982
Currency roundhouse kicks
Religion Eightfold Path of the Miyagi Buddha
No. 1 Export karate
National Policy: Okinawan Karate is No. 1!
Ethnic Groups - 12% Native Okinawan, 37% Evil Japanese Rape-Spawned Bastards, 61% Evil American Rape-Spawned Bastards.

Okinawa is very very small country located in Pacific off coast of evil Japan. Okinawa capital airport Naha prosperous metroporis. Many standing walls. 20th Century Okinawa take rots of shit, so Okinawa invent karate! Karate work very very good. Okinawa main export karate! During attempt to rape world Japan build Okinawa as prace to raunch many many air fighter craft. Thank you very very much great Western gaijin protector savior. Okinawa national bird now frying-fugu-fish, no ronger Terror-Bird. Absorutery noooo terror here. Okinawa need no more help. Thank you very much.

Okinawa have many zones: Danger Zone, Forbidden Zone, Kaiji Zone, Hentai Zone, No Fry Zone, No Parking Zone. No Parking Zone Okinawa rargest Zone. Okinawan drive on one side of country. Okinawa have great respect to history and ancestor, therefor all obey Honorable Minister of Zones.

Message from Honorable Minister of Culture[edit]

Okinawa national food fugu fish. Very healthy. Goood food to young children. Okinawa national vegetable Ralph Macchio. Not good food to young children. Many Ralph Macchio's grown in Okinawans own excrement. Many wild dog attack common in Okinawa. Use karate to protect Ralph Macchio harvest from wild dog. In Okinawa everyone have great superpower. Even filthy beggar woman in street have mighty karate. Evil Japan have Godzira. Okinawa have Angirus. Angirus very much superior to inferior Godzira.

Miyagisattva Buddha, the purest incarnation of spiritual perfection personified in the form of a crochety old pervert.

Okinawa very crean. Many unpowerful enemy brinded by Okinawa creanriness. Every automobile very shiny due to morning tai-chi. Wax onnnnn, wax off. Also often paint fence and be tricked into community service instead of learn karate. Here, I show you picking up garbage on side road technique. I show you crean my bathtub technique. Soon Okinawa have Greater Asian Water Co-Prosperity Prant. For now carry water from ditch up many stone steps. Okinawa very crean.

Soon Okinawa become industrial and cultural center of new Asia thanks to advanced breaking boards with head building technique and many public displays of strength and resistance to mutiration. Karate master make many building by kicking brick into air and pieces come down in skyscraper. Arso reader in many powerful computer programming technique. Number one video game in Okinawa, Super Macchio Brothers. Gamepray hailed as very similar to Pokemon, but with Ralph Macchio.

Okinawa official national white guy: Steven Seagar. Steven Seagar very popular movie star from very great many movies like Out for Justice, Marked for Death, Hard for the Kill, and Up for Fucking. Many tourist encourage to come see great attraction and feed poor starving Steven Seagar.

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Okinawa.

Political Upheaval[edit]

Always scene of big poritical probrems Okinawa have three great many governments once Evil Japan close airport. Many Christian missionary try to convert Okinawan during great war against Evil Japan. Okinawan all eat them. Rest they bury with pickle cabbage and eat rater. These days Okinawa not so much cannibal. Also Okinawan very much against rape. After the success of the Karate Kid movie Fraternal Union of Karate Teachers foreman Pat Morita win first erection with anti-rape/anti-cannibal vote. In recent statement, former Prime Minister, President-for-Life Pat Morita state before retiring to private rape chambers, "Only Evil Japan rapes. Okinawa declares written aporogy for Evil Japan spreading rustful tentacles across Pacific."

Prime Minister Tetsuo deflects an assassin's inferior Japanese imported laser.

Okinawa's Future[edit]

Okinawa was invaded by a team of undercover ocelots disguised as clementines in the Switzerland-Finally-Kicks-Some-Ass Wars of the 2020s. During this time Hayden Christensen, covered in white paint, declared himself to be the new ruler of Okinawa. This was taken seriously by no-one except the Nigerians who had a small embassy attached to Hayden's leg. He was tied into a small bamboo boat and cast off into the Pacific Ocean whilst Okinawa got used to its new Swiss masters. Okinawa has an almost complete lack of rubbish bins (trash cans for Non English speakers) and will slowly sink under the weight of used bento box`s. The standard reply you receive when asking official's for this is that President Clinton came for a G8 meeting and they were hidden away to stop terrorists from putting bombs inside and someone on the city council forgot where he hid them.

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