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Director Oliver Stone

Oliver stone is an American Director who is known for his trippy use of lighting and camera angles. Contrary to popular beleaf oliver stone CAN direct films without having a bag of paint thinner taped over his mouth.

Oliver Tiberius Stone arrived in america in 1977 at the hight of the "pet rock" craze. This inert and seamingly random object was later animated by a group of acid crazed gypsies in order to take hollywood by storm. He went on to create such films as:

  • Natural Born Killers
  • Platoon
  • Any Given Sunday
  • Apocalypse Now
  • Vietnam was bad
  • I did drugs in Vietnam
  • Bob and Judy's wedding


It's a little known fact that Oliver Stone killed Bob Marley.

The drug years[edit]

In the 1980's Director oliver stone began huffing kittens, at first just at parties but later on he was often found in a puddle of dead kittens and his own slobber. Durring a particularly horrible episode he directed "Any Given Sunday". If you play this film in slow motions you can see depleted kittens being thrown at actor Al Pacino's head from the forground.


  • Oliver Stones are fun to collect and trade with your fellow Junkies
  • Sometimes they let Oliver Stone outside, But then it's quickly inside for him.
  • Oliver stone Once raped a 13 year old girl while he was high on PCP, all charges were dropped after she "walked it off".
  • The hit film Natural Born Killers was a result of tripping on mushrooms in the desert with the stupid guy from Cheers.