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aka Omagh Spec
motto Theres nothing to do.....
anthem how low can you go
currency Sheep
county Tyrone
country Norn Iron
population 15000 farmers, 5000 emos, 1% others
ethnic groups Cultchies, Chavs, Emos, Sucicidal people, foreigners, sheep
languages / dialects Cultchie, "norn iron"ish, sheepish, polish
religions Devil worshipping
government People who look like Peter Griffin but do nothing
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“I used to live near here. (Not shitting you, I really did).”
~ Oscar Wilde on Omagh

“I actually like Omagh, lol JK.”

~ Mark Queen on Omagh

“Omagh was brought to you by the letters Ω, A, the number 1998, and the Children's Television Workshop.”

~ Sesame Street on Omagh

“Omagh can't touch this”

~ MC Hammer on Omagh

“Omagh...probably the most boring town in the world”

~ Captain Obvious on Omagh

Omagh is a large smoking crater town in County Tyrone, Norn Ireland. It was created by Finn McCool as part of a wider Town and Country Planning Scheme, spearheaded by the malevolent giant. It was built in response to Londonderry, which McCool's schizophrenic cousin was responsible for. People live for cuttin springs and screwin out the dturbos baiii!

Despite the advent of colour sometime in the 1940s, Omagh has maintained a distinctly grey shade, only paletted by the scourge of Supermarket and chain store signs scattered everywhere.

Jesus Christ once visited Omagh, and found that by ignoring Arty G's guitar-enthused ramblings, it was actually easy to get out. This day is celebrated every year on December 25, with police raids on local clubs conveniently timed mere minutes after the clubs have taken everyone's overpriced door fee.

Brad Pitt grew up near Omagh, before his defection to America, as documented in his auto-biopic, The Devil's Own.

On August 15, 1998, a large hole appeared in the middle of a busy shopping street, at the exact same moment that a small car disintegrated, 29 people died, and a loud bang was heard. It wasn't the IRA bomb though, because they specifically told everyone that their bomb was going to go off up at the court house. It must have been the RUC, who shepherded everyone away from the courthouse right to where that big hole appeared.


Omagh's location at the foothills of the Russian Border. One of the major geographical points of interest in Omagh is the three churches on the same street, patronisingly named Church Street. Which was completely erased by a bomb

Recent consensus figures of Omagh indicate that the estimated population in 2006 was over 21,000. Of this approximately 76% are of various Culchie denominations, and the remaining 24% suicidal. Children tend to be segregated into schools, based on gender, religion, academic ability and shoe size

Places Of Interest[edit]

In order to avoid the large numbers of underage drinkers in pubs and clubs, older residents absconded, and it is now common to see them lurking "down the rb ( or riverbank)" or in the Grange Park. Due to the credit crunch, almost all will be equipped with a bottle of Buckfast (Or "BUCKIEE!" as the natives call it). This also acts as a form of identification as it is known (or at least suspected) that anyone else is underage and thus able to drink only wkd.

Other places of interest include the Gortrush Industrial Estate,The lucky Inn, Shiva(For the sophisticated, wealthy drug user) and Xtreme Cáfe( for the inner emo in you!!), graveyards and pedophiles. These tourist hotspots, were named as the top 3 places to visit, and were given rave reviews by the tourist industries top destination reviewer.


Omagh (pronounced oh-MAH; IPA Pronunciation: [0/\/\@]) (Irish: Is as an Ómaigh me; literally, My ass is in Omagh, and its not budging) was named for the declaration made by it's inhabitants while they are falling a short distance. The incomplete phrase, intended as a summons for one's deity, is usually disrupted by the lack of any tall buildings in the town, so falls that would otherwise kill a man, merely break his legs.