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An omelette is a breakfast food. Omelettes in general share a rare connection with eggs that I'm not quite certain about. Hypothetically, if eggs were pancakes, then omelettes would be waffles.

Omelettes came from Sweden and only achieved fame in the United Spades of Amerika when Abraham Lincoln said "We cannot make an omelette without counting our chickens, or we will surely hang separately."

An interesting but little known fact is that while omelettes are made from eggs, omelets are made from cow sputum.

Omelette Variations[edit]

Omelettes come in varying styles, tastes and colors in order to coordinate with either the fall season or what the eater feels like. There is no reason to list all the variances of the omelette here, because the omelette is one of those strange foods that can change ingredients depending on whom you ask.

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