Omg Family Tree

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The old and prestigious OMG family has many notable members.

Main Family[edit]

  • OMG Controversial
  • OMG Topical
    • OMG Tropical -- Only to be used in Hawaii
  • OMG Boobs
  • OMG l33t
  • OMG the sexxings

The OMG-WTFs[edit]

A member of the OMG family once married into the WTF family, all of whom's decendands where known as the OMG-WTFs.

  • OMG-WTF bbq
  • OMG-WTF lol

Possible Relatives[edit]

Some clans that may or may not be related to the OMG.

  • The ZOMG
  • The OMFG