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The Omniverse is located primarily in Bedstuy, Brooklyn, New York. It's hard to believe, for as someone who this resource hasn't yet infamed once said, "nothing lasts in the ghetto for long except terror!"

Thought to be well over 300 years old, it is often mistakingly believed to be a favorite hot spot of several different types of cats. Mostly, cool cats (sometimes spelt Kool Kats), but many cats in heat also hang around there... Why do you think the cool cats go there, anyway? Eh? Eh?

By most standards of what constitutes the visible spectrum, the omniverse is considered to be invisible, yet many third eye witnesses claim it resembles a piece of cheese, specifically munster. The Omniverse is like your mother before you were born, sort of everything there is, a little warm, a little wet, a little bitchy, but ok overall. Some "people" (if you can call insane cultists that), have turned the Omniverse into some sort of homosexual deity. Their religion, Omniversalism is home to infinite witches and three-year old bananas. Watch out for them.

The omniverse is most often mentioned in cartoons featuring either Tom or Jerry or Zoltron, yet has been extensively documented as a place where toons are not welcomed. In fact, the omniverse has made headlines recently for an incident involving a California highway patrolman, a case of Pearl Beer and a slurry of anti-toon sentiment. What a place in Bedstuy was doing in California has been the topic of much frenzied debate.


Individuals from the omniverse are typically considered to be not individuals at all, but more like a complex carbohydrate found primarily in sauerkraut, which are said to add to the over texture of yellow mustard when properly mixed. They prefered to be called omnikrauts.

Most omnikrauts simply love NyQuil, although doctors remain baffled by this unexplained phenomenon. They also tend to have freakishly large cocks, which they arm with razor sharp spurs and pit against other omnikraut cocks.


The omniverse contains a legendary supply of presciption medication which, because of government subsidy is extremely affordable. Also, because of a lack of oversight, nearly all these drugs are forms of cocaine.

Many people mistakingly assume these forms include crack and blunts laced with cocaine, but nearly all have some resemblence in taste, texture and effect to NyQuil, which -- as previously mentioned -- omnikrauts simply love.