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The Basis[edit]

The online chatroom was the first in many inventions that gave extremely detailed information to criminals in blasphemous sites called "profiles." Some tards turned to roleplaying to deal with their loneliness. this is when MMORPJ's(Massively Masturbating online Role Playing Jackasses) developed to help these sad geeks. another branch formed, becoming known as RPGLG's (Rocket propelled grenade lunatic games). These became very popular among Terrorists for training missions. these games include Counterstrike (duh best), and other online shooting games dealing with highly detailed ways to arm and disarm supposed explosives and operate WOMD's, (Wangs Of Mass De-Virginity. This is why we have our terrorist attacks.

For many years, rapists have gotten their information from these chatrooms and have found ways to hack into IP adresses. Direct connection is a fatal error in the history of human history. Like sex, for instance. in history, people have died from having direct sex because of all the "fun" ways to have it-such as blowjobs and lapdancing, and fucking too many people at the same time. These people remained known as whores. It was also stupid for Benjamin Franklin to directly connect a key to a wet string which he held DIRECTLY in his hand. He was known as "The only Guy with brains who didnt get his brains fried out by some mad experiment ever before."

There were other Blasphemous ways to abuse chatrooms such as posting articles (such as this) on sites (such as uncyclopedia). Today direct connection doesnt always exist, and neither do chatrooms (excepting this one).