Oops it's a robot!

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That ain't no lady. She is your mom!

Ever think that you know all about a person, only to find out that they are a robot?

I'll bet you never guessed that Al Gore was a robot? So is Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Keanu Reeves.

Did you know that there is a whole race of Cylon robots out there that want to wipe out all humans? That they did this before, and they are going to do it again?

Can you tell the difference between a human and a robot? Can you spot one in a parade? Can you see one in a crowd? Did you know that robots like the Cylons want to take over your job?

The Marx Brothers warned us about the robots, but we would not listen. Did we not learn from the Battlestar Potemkin? How many times must the human race be wiped out before it learns to fight back?

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