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OPEL is biggest German rusting car manufacturing company. It was founden by nazi hitlerjugend and Adolph Opel a long time ago. First gratest model was Opel Eihmann SS designed by great car designer Adolf Hitler, it had a 4 triangle stroke engine and runned with zarine gas, invented by some japanese scientists, from company Aum Shinrikjo, who later earned nobel prize for their invention and get a prize 20 jears in death resort. As a additional equipment byers could order fast rusting bodywork wit unsafe belts and handbags. As a standart eqipment came gas mask and flat tires. Today Opel is one of the most leading rusting car producing company, their products are sold all over our glalxy, biggest export is to Saturn and Neptun. Today most popular sports model is Opel Spermster, with nano brakes and ishiftingpod gearbox. A top model family car is Zero, designed by engineer from Sicilia Takumi Yoshimoto. This model is equipped with furios toffu dash, anti brakes (ABS), DOCH engine (Dummies Only Cum at Home) and 17" cromed rear wiev mirrors.

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Seen on Alicia Keys opal