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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Optimus Prime?

Optomus Prime (No not Optimus Prime) is a character on the hit game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire. He is mainly known for his gangster raps such as "Optomus Prime Christmas boogie", "She was raped when I found her" and "Optomus prime Easter boogie". Optomus Prime now prefers the quieter life as he works at subway manufacturing secrete sauce. Optomus Prime has been criticised by several top critics, his hotel is also considered as a location of permanent residence for the lower class and the mentally disadvantaged.

In his earlier years, he worked on the popular reality TV show Transformers. The show consisted of mentally retarded robots that transsexualy transform into cars, trucks and, in the directors cut, male reproductive organs. The show was aimed at children much like phuckamon and race to the rape. When Optomus Prime was infected with gonorrhea he could no longer work on the show. He was forced to work on the Bill Cosby show until the the work became too depressing. This was the start of his midlife crisis. He started his midlife crisis by turning into a sports car and getting a shiny red paint job. After this he was distracted from his midlife crisis. He Journied to Ireland to save poor children from falling victim to the Irish potato famine. Within 2 minutes he was a raging alcoholic making him the perfect game show host. He started with Optomus' family feud and worked up to who wants to be a millionaire. He still works at this job today. Multiple rape cases have been filed against him however being the savior of a religion of small Asian children he was let off with 371 warnings. To contact Optomus today phone 00-00-000-0000 for free. call now and get the next call half price.

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