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Warningex.gif Warning: This article is "kak", reading it may result in the urge to fornicate with your daughters, sport a moustache and wear a comb in your socks. It may even force you to hate black people.
The author in no way claims responsibility for your life.

“We do not know where Orania is but there are white people there ”

~ Julius Malema on Orania

“Uh Uh.. Uh.. Oh Ja. uh Uh That's it, OH FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK ME LITTLE GOAT!! ”

~ Siener van Rensburg

“Jirre... He has a nice round mouth ”

~ A goat on Siener van Rensburg
The Boer republic that's slightly Orange but not quite Orange, also it lacks black people.
also known as "Lekker Lang Naai" (translation: Nice long Fuck)
Sex-rb.gif Police brutality01.gif
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: ""Dis n Braai, jou naai."" translation "It's a barbecue, you fuck"
Anthem: All the single ladies, Beyonce
Capital Upington
Largest city Mamre
Official language(s) Gnomish, Orcish, Xhosa, Elf, Arabic
Government Imperial Dictatorial-Democratic Piracy
Emperor-Dictator-Democratic Leader Johannes Van Rensburg, known paedophile
‑ PirateGod King Willie van de Merwe
National Hero(es) Jacob Zuma, Adolf Hitler, Niko Bellic, White Jesus
Currency Die Poes
Religion Satanism

The Creation of the Empire of Orania[edit]

Orania was created 2 seconds after the fall of the 4th Reich (Apartheid South Africa) . Those that did not relocate to the Bantustan of Orania, either fled to Hell,Azeroth,Australia,Antartica, Europe or Chile. Those unfortunate souls that did remain in Africa, relocated to the desert interior of South Africa, and formed the "relatively" independent Empire of Orania. Under the dismal leadership of their shamanistic leader, Siener van Rensburg, the Afrikaners anxiously joined the Horde (potentially as a new playable race).

The Empire of Orania: Where Jesus died

The Return of Eugène Terre'Blanche[edit]

“Ja, I made him go on all fours every night. He was my stallion ”

~ Fikile Nguni (Eugene's lover in Prison)
Jolly Eugene celebrating an annual Afrikaner holiday

After spending a decade in a South African prison, Apartheid Volk (folk) hero, Sir Eugene Terre'Blanche, knight of the realm and avid horse breeder, demanded that South Africa acknowledge the plight of the Afrikaner nation of Orania, by finally sending women to the women-starved land-locked desert kingdom. Eugene or "Lekker Lippe" (Nice Lips) as he was called in prison has also expressed his desire to rule the Kingdom of Orania.

Orania and South Africa: Ebony and Ivory?[edit]

In 2002, President-for-life Thabo Mbeki decided to meet the Afrikaners at the mouth of the Poephol Rivier (Asshole River in Lower Oraniac)and was shocked to find that the Afrikaners had sold all their women into slavery. It was at this moment that Die Poes (the Pussy) became the national currency of Orania.

Orania and Zimbabwe[edit]

Owing to a particularly nasty comment by the leadership of Orania about Robert "Whiteman" Mugabe, Zimbabwe declared war on Africa's newest country. Some believe however that the conflict actually started when the Zimbabwean Minister of Pitchforks and War Veterans, Mr Obo Bobo declared that Orania was racist because "...Unlike South Africa, these colonialist dogs are turning away our starving Zimbabwean refugees. This is clearly racist. Our starving masses must be allowed to enter any country and work as manual labourers... OR ELSE". Piet van de Merwe, the Oranian Minister of Understanding Africa made a quick rebuttal with "Jou ma se poes" (a particular useful phrase which translated from lower Oraniac means "Your mother's pussy". Incidentally, this phrase is also used as a greeting on the Cape Flats of Cape Town, South Africa.

Modern Oranian Defence Force soldiers eager to take on Zimbabwe


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