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The Order of Snoop Dogg (alternatively known as The Order of Snog) was established in 2048 by Adam Sutler the Prime Minister of The British Kingdom of No Freedom. Its purpose is to immortalize Snoop Dogg's contribution to literature and his positive influence on youth. Some of its notable recipients include Ricky Gervais, Lindsay Lohan, Zombie Meryl Streep, a billy goat named Jim, and Poop, which is an eight-time winner.

The Creation of the Order[edit]

This was Prime Minister Sutler's first act once he entered office, and it had great reception across the people of the nation whose thoughts were being controlled by computer. Snoop Dogg, who had run himself over with a bulldozer in 2022, emerged from his grave to give a speech at the award's dedication gala, Izzleizzleizzle. Prime minister Sutler was there to shake his idol's hand, which fell off and then disintegrated into dust. Snoop Dogg famously uttered "Mother*******izzle," as he re-entered his grave never to come out again. Nobody since had been able to re-pronounce that word.

Then a guy came and smoked a lot of weed and someone threw a computer monitor at him so he turned into a giant monster and defeated godzilla and when everyone asked him who he was he was like, I AM THE REAL SNOOP DOGG. and everyone worshipped him for the rest of forever. The End.

The Selection Process[edit]

Each year, the Prime Minister of The British Kingdom of No Freedom thinks of five people. He or she writes these names down on something handy, perhaps a piece of parchment, tissue or diaper, and then brings it to the Order of the Snoop Dogg committee called The Order of the Snoop Dogg Izzle. Each committee member votes for a literally random selection and whichever has the most votes wins.

Oprah Winfrey is ineligible to receive the award despite her repeated nomination and selection. In these events, Poop is the awarded the medal as the default winner.

The Benefits of Membership[edit]

Order of Snoop Dogg members have a number of powers granted to them by The British Kingdom of No Freedom. They include:

  • The right to execute the pope
  • A starring role on the latest Girl's Gone Wild
  • The ability to disintegrate your bottom at will
  • Free spongecake
  • Telekenetic powers
  • An East European Country
  • 2 Acres of Storage for Weapons of Mass Destruction in the White House