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For those without a talent for comedy, but with a taste for "father's milk", the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about semen.


~ Tamia

“If you spill your seed, you must consume it lest it penetrate the ground, and bring forth monsters”

~ Leviticus 24:11 on Semen

Orgasmic isotopes are strange substances which come from male animals. Their nutritional value is indisputable; they contain all of the nutrients necessary for life. They can be produced by gently rubbing the male leg. They have many uses depending on culture. Sadly, animals before puberty cannot experience the joy of semen spewing out uncontrollably. It is impossible for semen and children to exist in a room at the same time.

Uses of orgasmic isotopes, also known as God's Own Milk, across the globe[edit]

Two pints.
  • Glasgow Celtic fans are usually impotent and craze spunk from homeless Black people.
  • White women often have trouble finding the semen on their face after a blowjob.
  • People in America tend to eat it: a major part of the diet of political leaders and their secretaries.
  • If mixed with sea people, it makes a seaciety! <- Fail.
  • Semen scares children, as they cannot make it, and they do not know what it is.
  • The French enjoy a good cup of semen with their wine and cheese at noontime.
  • The Welsh race has been raised on a diet of sheep semen and goat dung.
  • Semen is used as a lubricant in many industrial applications.
  • Frog semen is an ingredient in a well known carbonated beverage of the same name.
  • The cream in Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, rumor has it that is it Bens own sperm.
  • Eskimos enjoy their semen frozen, it is a tasty treat for young children after school.
  • Principal Skinner of The Simpsons is addicted to it.
  • Muslims believe that semen is from Satan and stone anyone caught with the substance. This practice has resulted in a decline in Muslims across the globe.
  • Older women love to use semen as hair conditioner, when they wash their hair they sing 'I love spunk I love spunk my whole head is spunk'.
  • Semen is believed to be the secret of success of students at Svenska Normalyceumet, better known as Norshen in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.They take it mixed in their milk unknowingly. Thus is why they have succeeded so well in national math tests
  • Semen is used in the production of Monkey nipple acid, as well as other niche products around the world. This is braggable on behalf of humanity.
  • It's been said that a pair of decorators that run out of wallpaper paste had to wank for a year and a day to get enough paste to stick the paper.
  • It is a common misconception that it is sugar and honey that give that sweet taste for kettle corn, but instead it is semen that is using in cooking kettle corn.
  • The Philippines has been filling up ship all over the world with newly trained semen.
  • Currently the main ingredient in the McDonald's Happy Meal
  • An unreleased statistic proves that every clothing item which has been washed with other clothes at least once, has got traces of semen on it.
  • Used as one of ingredients of a Burger King burger
  • It is the main ingredient in sp00j cola
  • According to an escaped slave of the Cock-a-Cola corporation, semen is the secret ingredient of Cock-a-Cola