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Orgie- A fanciful dance created by god to entertain young folks. A mass gathering of people to perform a sexual act.

  • Orgies are not all that uncommon, orgies can and are expected to begin anywhere so the next time you go to Toys 'r' Us, watch out.
    • Not all orgies are bad, however.
    • Dont participate, be the Orgie Observer across the street who stays up all night with binoculars to his/her eyes

Orgie Types[edit]

There are many types of orgies. One types is an all male orgie, or homosexual orgie, or the Brokeback Mountain dance. Ride em', cowboy! This is an orgie created by Michael Jackson to 'please' little boys. Reports coming from inside the MJ house say that those were not toys.

God of premature monkeys

Solo Orgie[edit]

A solo orgie is an oximoron, but only for some. Some people, vital to this society are talented enough that they can perform an orgie ALL BY THEMSELVES. To some, that is an extremely scary thought but solo orgies dont allways have to be sex, it can be a "Party with ones self". One famouns example of this is something we all know and get really annoyed when we see it. Yes, the Numa Numa dance is a type of solo orgie. Go ahead, try it, you know you want to.

Group Orgie[edit]

The most common of all orgie types. Used to lure lumberjacks out of shelter in the winter. Fur coats are not necessarry.

Random Orgie[edit]

The most random of all orgies. It randomly spawns in random places by random phrases such as "HOT BANANAS COME AND GET EM", but when they have spelling errors such as "HOT BANANAS CUM AND GET EM".

Not your ordinary banana, this is gods banana
  • Hot bananas originated around AD.2006, when some random guy posted a page on, what we call, an orgie.
  • Ever science that genius man made that post, hot bananas have been fried, baked, smoked, grilled and injected into bloodstreams everywhere
  • These hot bananas have much less crap in them, giving less nuclear waste to the toilet when we crap
  • Bananas are only good for the environment when they are not planning a nuclear attack on the United States.Damit bananas, Bush sucks enough with just one nuclear threat.

Orgies outside the U.S.A[edit]

European Orgies[edit]

According to Charles Duesch with N.A.S.A (National Anal Sex Association), "In Europe orgies were created for the sole purpose of keeping young teenagers busy". Anal Orgies are the main type of orgie in Europe. They are not considered "wrong" in any way except most.

notice canada is white

Canadian Orgies[edit]

Canadian Orgies are like no other. The orgies are wild and many thousands of people have died in mass Halo-2 tournaments. In Canadia, land of the shotgun, people go to parties everyday. Inside these parties there are teenagers eager to experiment with there 'machines'. They start out like any other party, then things get thrown around, injected, eaten, snorted and baked. This is when the action starts.

1.The pimps approach the girls

2.The girls run away

3.They break out the shotguns

4.Everyone dies

5.The medicine not being used by the dead people is imported to America and sold at a cheap price