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“Strong with the dark side of the force Senator Hatch is”

~ Yoda on Orrin Hatch
Orrin Grant Hatch (born March 22, 1859 in Kolob)

Orrin Hatch is a neo-Nazi (neo-Nazis often refer to each other as Republicans) Tatueen Senator from the former Soviet satellite state of Mormania, serving since his home state has dominated the imperial Senate following the abdication of the Republic in 2000. Not only did the natives of Mormania elect Senator Hatch and his party members to office, but did more so than any other electorate in the galaxy

Political Prowess[edit]

This douchebag is the ranking neo-Nazi of the Tatueen Senate Committee on conquest of the galaxy and the legalization of carrot Jello. He serves on a committee with other famous facists from the Romulan Nebula including Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and Ted Haggard. Their subcommittee includes members from Gun Owners for Jesus, Consolodators of Church and State, and the Gestapo. Senator Hatch also serves on the Committee on the Judiciary, where he is head Sith Lord.

The Dark Side[edit]

The Sith Council

When meeting Senator Hatch one can expect the Senator to talk hours on end about his greatness. One should also remember to stay at a minimum of ten feet from the Senator when approaching him as it is rumored that he sucks the life out of humans (and almost any social occasion) in an attempt to further his longevity. Senator Hatch keeps close company with his Sith buddies. With their council, domination of the entire galaxy is eminent. Resistance is futile. One day we will all be part of the Sith and there will be no free will or civil liberty.

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