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some random dude owned by a dog

“God is owned”

“im a jegex mod so tell me your ******** or i will own u get u banned go to rs auto cheats . ***”

~ SOME GUY on RuneScape

A frequent misspelling of the Welsh word pwn (to utterly humiliate your opponent in a most embarrassing way), probably derived from a typo, because of the proximity between the letters p and o on a standard English keyboard.

According to most sources, the word own was first used in 1987, as an in-joke in the computer game "Leisure Suit Larry". In the 90'ies it caught on in the Internet subculture among geeks and gamers, and by now it has become a mainstream substitute for pwn.

In most Call of duty games, this word ofter comes up in conversations. Some examples are : i owned that n00blet and teabagzorz his face. That n00b jus got hiz face owned. It also comez up in other situations like: I jus owned ur mumz in bedz0rz. or "Dat dude jus got his buttz0rz owned" And so on and so forth

Own has become a very popular word even outside the gaming industry. my teacher even just "owned" that n00b in detention. Or Barrack Obama jus owned dat flyz0rz! so in conclusion this word will soon be the only adjetive we will need in the english language.

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