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For centuries people believed that there was only poo. In the 20th century one of the greatest men of that time (he got laid, killed evil people, and got laid again) invented p99. I am talking about James Bond of course. Most people are too stupid to understand it though, even the hints are very clear. What is James Bond's favourite weapon? The Unknowing ones think it's The Walther P99. In Fact it is Walther's p99. This article is to brainwash, control you, steal your money, enlighten you in the path of the p99.

What is p99?[edit]

p99 is not only an object. It is a religion as well. Well in fact it isn't a religion; it's just the truth! Some people believe the world was created by God who said something and boom it was there. In fact God just told that he was going to take a dump at the toilet, after watching a great James Bond movie. Inspired and Motivated by the movie; God Accidentily p99ed instead of just pooing. And the world was there. This is proven several times; for example by the phrase: "Life is shit"

Enemies of p99[edit]

Because p99 is so great and good it has a couple arch enemies. (Just like Spiderman, Superman and so on; But they can't be compared to p99 since p99 pwns them all)

Another evil guy is p33. It is literally the other side of p99. P33's method to stop p99 and the whole humankind is simple yet effective. It is trying to make people p33 all day, so the people get dehydrated and die on the loo. It's not only disgusting, but painful as well. That's why you need to join the p99 religion, and stop this yellow madman.