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Pacman has evolved since his early beginnings as a ghost eating freak

“Watch it, play it, do it.”

~ tagline for PAC-MAN: THE MOVIE

“The most A-MAZE-ing film you'll see this year.”

~ another tagline for PAC-MAN: THE MOVIE

“It's so great, you won't want to play the game after watching it.”

Scorned for its controversial nature and explicit imagery PAC-MAN: THE MOVIE fought a battle of social injustice to become the greatest movie of the 21st century. Starring a stellar cast of Vince Vaughn as Young Pac-Man, Michael Cain as Pac-Man's father, Paul Bettany as Ghost #7, Reese Witherspoon as Mrs. Pac-Man and Dakota Fanning as the narrator. Despite much public protest the movie cleaned up at the Oscars with Vince Vaughn winning Best Actor and Reese Witherspoon winning Best Supporting Actress. It was also nominated for Best Graphic Sex Scene but was beaten by Brokeback Mountain. However, it won the Best Newcomer's Sex Scene CGI award.


The story centers around protagonist 'Pac-Man,' as he is forced by a tyrannical government (obvious nods at pre-Cold war Stalinist Russia) to compete in a daring game in which he is forced to devour numerous spherical globes (some debated that it was meant as something more organic due to the theme of Homosexuality that was incorporated into the movie) whilst being ruthlessly hunted by 'The Ghosts.' At first Pac-Man refuses but soon his wife is kidnapped and raped (in the DVD special edition, it was the other way round.), and he must compete if ever hopes to see her again. Pac-Man performs superbly in the opening mazes, much to the dislike of his captors. They enlist the help of Ghost 7# (Paul Bettany), a ruthless pimp to stop Pac-Man completing the level, however Ghost 7# is a closet homosexual and must contend with societies view of his kind. Amid this dramatic ballet, Pac-Man has become addicted to the spheres he has been devouring, and soon becomes a social recluse.


PAC-MAN: THE MOVIE sparked obvious controversy (Paramount Pictures putting up a huge battle to have the title of the picture changed), it confronted numerous issues not suitable for the average Middle American household.

Throughout the full 3 hours and 24 minutes of PAC-MAN: THE MOVIE, it brushes upon such issues as:

  • Abortion; When Mrs. Pac-Man is raped by her captors and impregnated, and she chooses to abort the baby, and she is thus shunned by her conservative father (The dude who wears black robes in church).
  • Homosexuality: Ghost 7#, a ruthless pimp, must deal with what he see's as an 'ailment.' In the end he finds comfort with another male Ghost, even when his master Evil Lord Ghost shuns him just for being himself.
  • Dictatorship: The despicable Evil Lord Ghost, rules his empire of Ghosts with an iron penis, none willing to stop his made 'maze related antics'
  • Drug Addiction: Pac-Man builds up a strong addiction to the yellow globes, causing an ordeal for family and friends. A touching high point in the film is where he mugs a Blue (edible) Ghost for 'sphere money,' which he promised himself never to do.

  • Brutality: A horde of Ghosts surround Pac-Man, but fortunately enough he manages to find a 'Big-Sphere' and soon it is him who is hunting them. Pac-Man delights in chasing down his attackers and devouring them one by one. Only to realize that he has become a monster


  • Vince Vaughn as Young Pac-Man
  • Reese Witherspoon as Mrs. Pac-Man
  • Michael Cain as Pac-Man's father
  • Paul Bettany as Ghost 7#
  • John Travolta as Evil Lord Ghost
  • Steve Buscemi as Snivelling Henchman
  • Ewan McGreggor as Pac-Man sidekick, Pic-Man
  • Paris Hilton in a cameo role as The Maze
  • Ian McKellen as 'The Mysterious Magnificent Magician'
  • Tom Hanks as 'The Mysterious Magnificent Magician' during the second half of the movie (as Mr. McKellen died of lung failure)
  • And Dakota Fanning as the narrator
  • Various celebrities have volunteered to have their testicles used as the balls Pac-man and Mrs. Pac-man consume in this movie.
  • This film is based on a real person who is pacman- Becke. She pwned!