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~ Avery Bullock

Acronym for the government organization "Pie, Cake and Muffin Central Intelligence Agency"

The PCMCIA is devoted to gathering data on all confections, baked goods and culinary delights. Created in the 1970s by president Boosh the VIII, the PCMCIA quickly took on a life of it's own, rivalling the american government itself in power.

The seal and mission of the PCMCIA

The PCMCIA in action[edit]

The PCMCIA generally stays out of the news, except during times when their delicious mind-control techniques are needed. Then they just flaunt themselves, as nobody will remember them.

The last major action taken by the PCMCIA was to quell an uprising in the Democratic Federal People's Republic of Flan (DFPRF), Birthplace of the culinary oddity which bears it's name flan. It seems that the people of Flan refused to use eggs in their cakes and cookies. The PCMCIA could not allow this, because they have control of the world's egg reserves and make ridiculous amounts of cash from their market control.

The PCMCIA went in and staged a major coup, ousting Flan's leader, Emeril and installing a new, US-backed government. Consequently, the nation's name was changed to "The United Federation of Democratic People's Republics" removing the name Flan entirely.

Miscellaneous Facts[edit]

  • The PCMCIA has over 99 billion operatives in all levels of cooking
  • Donut Ninjas are widely known to be the most deadly of the PCMCIA's culinary operatives.
  • Famous PCMCIA members include:

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