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Da PGS Logo

PGS stands for "Pimpin' Ghetto Showstation". It is the black ghetto alternative to PBS, and was shown to 5 million black children from 1969 until 2010, when the source of the broadcasting station was burned down by Klansman David Duke. Here is a list of the programs that were aired on the station:

  • F*ck Readin' Rainbow!

Kids, what's dat nigga Levar Burton reading when he's not on Reading Rainbow? Well lemme tell ya, Levar don't read no books, b*tch! That's why he created this show of the more... "prominent" things goin' on in his life, like pimpin, weed, b*tches and hoes, and gun fights. "Readin' Rainbow's what da lil niggaz shuld be watchin', but when dey gets ta 10, turn dat honkey sh*t off and watch em some 'F*ck Readin' Rainbow'. WORD!", says Levar Burton.

  • Da Fo' Real Street
Barnell from "Barnell and B*tches"

Black children all over North America have cherished this classic, following the antics of lovable characters that mainstream black celebrities such as Eddie Murphy even recall, such as Big Crow Bro, Snuffus, Almo, Cokey Monsta, Ernell and B*tch, Da Crunk, and Oscah da Shizz.

This one is re-run on PBS at 4:30 am.

  • Da KFC Bucket

Ain't gonna find any "Art Chest" crap here-- bunny rabbits? sailboats? flamingos? oceans? vases? Dat sh*t fo' crackas, but dis showz got all da b*tches and hoes painted up dat you kan dreem of. Great fo' da kidz, dawg!

  • Honkey Python's Flyin' 'Hoodshow

We got niggaz in da British World too, dats why we broadcast each day a pimplified solid serving of Honkey Python's busted 'hood of pimps, hoes, b*tches, guns, wattamellin', Kay-Eff-SEE, and da boyz, cuz we're gonna bust a cap in yo' a** if ya don't like dis sh*t. WORD.

  • Riffo'd da Big Black Dawg

A television program from the makers of "Niggabob Blackpants", about Emell E. Elizab*tch's giant Mac-Daddy Dawg named Riffo'd, and how this black bloodhound is always sniffing the 'hood for some 100% raw all-natural organic gangsta antics.

  • Barnell n' B*tches
Honkey Python, the world's African-British population

The adventures of a prehistoric pimp who arrived to Harlem through some honkey time warp, and since, he's been at his crib, rapping with local black children, raping the hoes, and waring with his sworn enemies, Baby B*tch, B.J., and Rizziff.

  • Porkchop's Rap-Along

Dat lovable west side pig, and her homies, Shizzle Pup and Charlie Honkey, rap and reflect their hood life with their human Mom, Shequila Lewis Webbster, who iz a total intaspecies hoe, lemme tell ya dat. Each episode iz concluded wit da hit single rap, "Dis Iz da Thong dat Makes You Bend (Ovah)".

  • Da Ghetto People

A-B-C-Befo' I shoot you up, b*tch! Dis iz da life and times of doze crazy niggas who live in a ghetto where no man, nigga o' cracka, iz eva safe from blood or crip, dawg.

  • Hoes Rider

Deese lil hi-skool niggaz aint no straight-A students, lemme tell ya'll-- when dey're not in class, dey be ridin' hoes in abandoned ghettos n' libraries like dere was no t'morrow, dawg!

  • ShizzBone

Dis dawg goes nutz cuz when he getz all crunky offa dat weedy sh*t, he can go back in times to Jew-ghettos of ancient times or inside old poon magazines, yo.

  • Ajax Roadshow

The perfect show for black consumers! Extra cheap items affordable for black people, with old african tribal relics, the gun and skull of Tupac Shakur, and the world's first weed leaf smoked!

  • Mister Robinson's Neighborhood

Mr. Robinson must deal with various obsticles in his ghetto neighborhood such as his divorce and frequent evictions from his loft. He's also been known to sell counterfit toys at Christmas and steal instruments from the Apollo Theatre, most notably Smokey Joe's drumset. Starring Eddie Murphy as Mr. Robinson.

  • Arthur King, Yo!

A black aardvark named Arthur King copes wit his problems wit his cracka best friend, Buttsucka, and learns valuable lessons in ghetto life, wit Buttsucka, Da Man, D.W. (Denise Winnfrey), Franise, Muffie, Honkey, and Shizz.

  • GhettoHomies

Deez fo' alien homies all live togetha in an alternate universe where dey are da only livin' niggas, and their planet is infested with flowahs, jackrabbits, and giant nigga talkin' poles, bro! Black toddlas just love da crazy adventures of Shizzy Wizzle, B*tchy, Brawbraw, and Hoe.

  • Denise and Darnell

Dese lovable twin nigga kidz absolutely LOVE diversity, as they make sure to watch out fo' cap-bustings, and dey always teach a spoonful of african-american history in each episode. Solid!

  • BootyBah

Dese thick hoes be shakin' dey weight like giant gumdrops, az dey travel all ova da world to make kids tease others! Ex-otic!

Logos Used[edit]

  • "SlaveHouse" (1969-1972) - "This is the black African-American broadcasting station."
  • "Da Funkie" (1972-1984) - "Oooohhhh, this is PPPP-GGGGG-SSSSSSSSS, ooooohhhhh!"
  • "Gunshot" (1984-1990) - "Dis is P-G-S, bro. *bang!*"
  • "Celebrate Diversity" (1990-1999) - "Celebratin' da black diversity in PGS!"
  • "Today's Generation" (1999-2010) - "Dis is P-G-S, b*tch muthaf*ckin' hoe. Word solid!"

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