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Logo For New PS3 Grill

The PlayStation 3 Grill [or PS3 Grill] was formed by Ken Kutagari, who is also rumored to be the infamous co-creator of Microsoft also known as 'Soul Eater's Inc'

The PS3 Grill has been in the pipeline for many years, some slightly dodgy sources indicated that the PS3 Grill original idea was in consideration around 345 BC. With even Jesus making an appearance at around 11 BC, popping in some ideas of his own that he’d like in the next generation grill such as Holy Flamethrower and Deep Fried Disciple. The main idea however took off ironically shortly after the PlayStation 3 was announced with pictures some 2000 years later.

PS3 Grill Sneak Taster Preview

Though fairly basic the PS3 Grill site has been around for as long as I can remember, so maybe a couple of years. It boasts intense information regarding the PS3 Grill’s stats, including a contact e-mail and a PayPal donation point, where people can help Sony in their finical crisis at this current point in time.

Excluding the contact point and PayPal donation the website also gives valuable information to the next generation of grilling, including exclusive information on the new 'Real BBQ Synthesizer' based on new NVIDIA technologies which are rumored to be more powerful than it's previous brothers like the 'Fake BBQ Synthesizer' which was also revolutionary at the time.

Ken Kutagari is also quoted saying "PS3Grill truly is the grill to be placed in the center of living rooms in homes around the world." which strongly suggests that it will be a grill to be placed in the center of living rooms in homes world wide.

Tastey Chart

Aside from all the useless information like key quotes and information on the PlayStation 3, we're more interested in what it looks like (See Picture Above). The PS3 Grill features a new design and shape that will allow it to fit into any high tech room that contains any silver Sony products. It also now has a hood that will allow for a 1080 degree turning.

Another famous quote by Mr. Kutagari was "I'm so proud of it; I put my name on it!" So allegedly his name is indeed Ken PlayStation instead of what he lead us to believe which was Ken Kutagari, I always thought his name didn't suit him.

The final part of the jigsaw was also put together when official stats which would be no way altered or changed in the near future where released showing just how tasty the PS3 Grill could make your beef (See Picture To Left). It shows almost double the capabilities than of it's evil twin brother, the Xbox 360 Grill, while timesing more times than a timesing mathematician with timing problems over that of the PS2 Grill and it's mortal interactive enemy 'The PC Grill'.

New Wii Toaster To Compete With PS3 Grill

Although great stats we still have no information on whether it has the reliability of it's predecessors like the original 'PlayStation Grill' or 'Nintendo Gamecube Grill'.

Other companies have also had an attempt to create a new market of roasting anything that's edible, here is an example of the new Wii Toaster (See Picture To Right), which was recently under investigation after small amounts of urine where found in the casings of it.

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