P Platers

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Recently passed your test or hate new drivers?

Yes, P for probably going to crash.

“I hope he wraps himself around a telegraph pole”

~ The average commuter on being cut off by P-platers

“Shit be careful, there's a P-plater”

~ Your mum on P-Platers

“Bro look at my fully sick Honda Civic!”

~ A Stereotypical P-Plater on Drugs

“Kev, watch me drift sideways into this Table Top Truck”

~ A Stereotypical P-Plater about to die

Once upon a time, when most of the human race rode in wagons and dumped their shit out windows, people fought and became victim to attacks from opposing countries.
In the 21st century, however, it seems a countries enemy's are no longer their primary source of terror attacks. The P Platers, or "provisional drivers" if you will, are a recently formed terrorist organisation rapidly overthrowing peace and justice in our transport systems.
The date was September 11th, 2001, early morning New York. A small group of P Platers drove a stolen aircraft into the World Trade Center; investigators have discovered excessive speed and drunk driving were to blame. This is said to be the P Platers biggest achievement to date.
Although few P Platers have caused world wide devastation such as these attacks, ALL P Platers are at fault for the delays, accidents, traffic jams, RBT testing and speed cameras inconveniencing today's drivers.

This is the P Platers symbol, bound to be seen at any crash site. It is currently unknown what the featuring 'P' stands for, but scientists believe it is some form of anger inspiring message directed at other drivers and designed to cause the road rage typically seen around a P Plater.
While all P Platers carry this symbol on them during their destructive day-to-day doings, many try to conceal it under the number plates of their vehicles, These are known as Undercover P Platers and are exceptionally dangerous as they are difficult to pick out from a distance.