Packaged bread without crust

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Packaged bread without crust is the best invention since pre-sliced bread. Scientists worked and worked for ten years non-stop to find the best way to keep the crust off the bread. From 1991-2001, scientists sacrificed their personal lives and many eventually cracked and killed themselves for their objective. Finally, in 2001, Dr. Mark Suffolk and his team showed their prototype to the Bimbo company. It was launched briefly after and it was an amazing success everywhere. In Quentin Tarantino's 2004 film Uma Thurman's fucking hot yellow uniform|Kill Bill Vol. 2, David Carradine (Bill) is seen cutting the crust off packaged Bimbo bread for his daughter. It was a scandal in the crustless packaged bread world, as it shown that Mexico is a third world country that does not have crustless pre-sliced bread. So many lives were lost, so many people suffered, and Mr. Tarantino came and threw all that away by showing Bill cutting the crust off the bread. This shows that Tarantino is an insensitive bastard that has no respect for anyone.