Pain pills

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pain pills were invented buy some emo kid in the late 90's to inflict pain on himself and other people who take the pill.

pain pills before some emo kid swalows them all whole


  • shards of glass
  • old looney toon episodes
  • pubic hair
  • mongolia
  • tee-pees
  • George dubya bush
  • Blood
  • mike tyson's first pair of boxing gloves
  • broken records
  • david dennis

side affects[edit]

The complete list of side affects of these pills are completely unknown,but we have to list of all the known reactions

this is a common side effect of hte pain pills, it hasen't been named yet so it's not on the list
  • nausia
  • acid reflux
  • liver corrosion
  • heart disseases
  • nausia
  • major ownage
  • need for speed
  • neck itching
  • nausia
  • extreme diareah
  • vomiting
  • barfing
  • throwing up
  • chucking your chips
  • nausia