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PangYa is a sad parody online (though few have said that it was actually offline) game of golf. Instead of using baby seals, which is required in golf, the developers of this 1st person shoot-a-ball game have replaced with female golf balls from the Bermuda Triangle. It is interesting to note that while the seals have been removed, the throwing of ham and swearing still remains in this game.


The game was originally made in South Korea and first introduced to North Korea by American soldiers in World War 2.

Nowadays the game is popular mainly in South Korea, Japan, Yugoslavia and Poland.

Koreans use a modified Starcraft client to connect to the servers to ensure winning. In Japan the game is distributed under the name of Scat&Golf KapoK. The Japanese client uses motion capturing and Daison II technology.

Legal Difficulties[edit]

Recently, Mtree Inc. (the developers of the game) have sued GameFishery for keeping the name PangYa after they tried to translate the game to Russian. The resulting legal battle led to Mtree Inc. winning about US$50 from GameFishery. An official from Mtree has said that "we are satisfied", and that the US$10,000 in legal fees "was not wasted". It is interesting to note that at least 7 other PangYa games have cropped up since then, and none have been sued. When asked for comments, the same official said, "We'll look into it. Soon."

By the way, the now renamed Albatross18 was first thought of by a drunk maniac who had killed, stuffed and hung up 18 albatrosses the day before. He was promptly sued to death by GameFishery after they claimed that he had stolen the name from them four days before they had thought about it.

Game Mechanics[edit]

This game has at least 27 different rules to remember when beginning. They have been summed up into the following three golden rules :

  1. The ball shall fly in the exact opposite direction.
  2. The hole shall not let the ball enter unless the ball has a signed warrant.
  3. The ball shall explode on impact.

Due to these complicated rules, many players have had slight frustrations playing. Many people have complained that their avatar blow up within three minutes of entering the game due to an exploding golf ball. Others complain that the caddies in the game have a tendency to snatch the ball and eat it up. This usually results in a slightly graphic scene in which the caddy is blown apart after jumping.