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“Don't rain on my parade”

Parades are higly regarded by scientists as the single greatest experience that a human can partake in, and have been used throughout history for enjoyment and to spread smallpox.

Parades in history[edit]

Since the begining of history there have been at least a hundred parades, many had floats! Here's an abbreviated list.

  1. 1944 Normandy Code named 'Parade Day' Shortend to D-Day
  2. 1950's Black people paraded around the South becuase it was too hot to ride the buses, the local firemen were nice enough to cool them down with a fire hose.
  3. 1963 Texas, John F. Kennedy got pwned during his big parade. When asked why he did it, Michael Moore said, "I did it for the lulz".
  4. 2001, Arabs parade right into the Twin Towers!

The science behind parades[edit]

Now that you know about parades, you might be asking yourself, just what makes a parade a fiesta? Well the top scientist from Germany the US and others were kind enough to explain just that!

Parades are made up of three things, one is colors, which are beautiful and pleasent on the eyes. The next is balloons, which some people jokingly say are nothing but 'airheads!'
this comment makes balloons very sad. The last and/or 'final', is or 'am' the least important thing about parades; which is or 'are' the people.

A Parade? For me?![edit]

Thats right, you too can make your very own parade! All you need are the above mentioned things! And guess what? You're in business! The beauty of parades is it only requires one! Just walk down the street carrying colorful ballons and watch as the ladies flock to you like pigs to a corpse!

Parade... MAGAZINE?![edit]

Thats right as of 2006 there are plans underway to make and entire magazine focusing on parades! We can only wait and hold our breath until the first issue comes out some time this year!

The Black Parade[edit]

File:Thewhiteparade.png Main Article: The Black Parade

Contrary to popular belief this album is about a bigot who creates the KKK. It is the third studio album by New Jersey homo-erotic interpretive-dance troupe My Chemical Romance.