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Paradise Hotel is a reality TV show, from the beings at Fox that ran constantly for 20 years. The original contests contained a group of men, women, and Toni Ferrari, in a battle of good versus evil, where 10 guests were good and 1 was bad. Everyone knew this because Toni told them. Over time it became commonplace for one new person to come in and another to go hide at the top of the steps.

Cast of Original Characters[edit]

Alex Prepubescent boy obsessed with sex.
Amanda The fiery redhead vixen, who can create arguments by only saying one word. Alternated between good and bad regularly, as told by Toni.
Amy The lost soul of the group, who's life was constantly being turned upside down, by being kept away from reality, and the mystic steps.
Andon The living tattoo; who firmley believed that by one nice statement everyone would forget about everything else he said to them over the years before.
Beau The selfproclaimed "annoying one". Usually communicates by proclaiming everything.
Charla The philosophical one of the group, with a facination with the Emerald City, and who muses over seeing the inside of her eyelids.
Kristin The kooky mute. Once rumored to have said hello. First known words were "they were wise to get rid of me" then followed later by her final known words "The bitch is back".
Melanie The one few people remember for anything other than spending 2 weeks on the show. With a lifetime in between
Scott The statue that production staffers moved around from time to time to fill spaces.
Toni The resident denmother, who on a regular basis told everyone when they were good or bad.
Zack The wise old sage with many lifetimes of adventures, and experiences summed up in 24 years.

In the midst of the lifetime full of experiences that these people had together, the all-powerful host Amanda decided that it would be fun to begin a rotating door, where one person would come through causing someone to be sucked back out.

This created unforgettable moments, with people no one really remembers, and a vendetta against Matel that would last until the death of Captain James T. Kirk.

Dave love child of Bigfoot and Barbra Streisand, with manboobs that Anna Nicole Smith would be both jealous of, and horrified/ confused by.
Kavita First casualty of the revolving doors, by holding the title of one half of the entity that lasted less than Melanie.
Matt Lasted about as long as a thunder storm in Arizona, but at least he good sing, and he kept Charla entertained.
Tara Ubervixen who arrived with the intention of banishing Amanda so that she will be the only one to get the mens' attention.
Keith Footmodel who challenged Zack to a abs competition from across the Solar System, and then got beaten with the subtle honesty of everyone else after sending Zack up the mystic steps.
Desiree Introduced herself as a chocolate sundae. Originally got beaten by Kavita. "Who's laughing now, huh?"
Tom The male Kristin, who said even less. Sometime soulmate of Desiree. Carried a stuffed monkey with him everywhere
Holly Got a lot of attention on arrival. Soon lost it by fading into the background with Scott.

What happened to "Forever"?[edit]

Every week when it came time to send someone home, host Amanda, promised that out going guests would be expelled forever. Obviously in Paradise "forever" is the length of a commercial break, because the revolving doors decided to dump all former "guests" back down the mystic steps and into the hotel, even allowing Beau and Melanie to come back long enough to do less than they had previously.

The Finale and the Surprise[edit]

The one thing that seemed odd throughout the show was that no one asked what the prize was. So when it came down to the last 2 couples, it wasn't so much the amount that caused a stir, but how it was to be split.

Thanks to the immortal word of Toni Ferrari telling her what to do; Charla made sure that the prize for the final 4 was split 3 ways, sending Dave home with less money than dignity.

What's next?[edit]

Since the show ended, the entire cast finally got released back to their own lives. The following year the FOX deities decided to better themselves with "Forever Eden", a concept that no one speaks of anymore, incase of tempting the wrath of Rupert Murdoch. But under direct instruction from Toni Ferrari, Murdoch created FOX Reality. A magical land where people would remember Nikki McKibbin and where Paradise Hotel would be shown Forever!

As a note... the show is due to return in 2008 and run for 46 hours aday until the apocolypse, or until Toni Ferrari says so.