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Parazitii is a hip-hop band with economic influences that speaks about the Romanian currency (pula and coi), about their strong competitors from the manele section to which they send friendly greetings; they sound like, "muie voua si celor care va asculta" (we are great friends let`s have a drink - ţuică) or "esti un taran in pantofi si cu telemea pe dinti" ("i like your tooth-paste and especially your RICCI shoes"). They are great boys (Ombladon - sort of embrio, Cheloo - The bald drinking man and FDD - Freaka Da Disk the little bald man ).Last but not least, they really enjoy marching for the legalisation of the "iarba", generally known as "weed".They think it's a good a idea to smoke one before dinner, one during dinner, one after the dinner and one instead of the dinner.

Also, Parazitii are known for their wish to become presidents of Romania, as they state in one of their songs - Daca as fi pentru o zi presedinte / V-as amaneta pe toti si nu m-ati prinde (If I was president for one day / I would pawn you all and you wouldn't catch me). With their concerns about politics and economy in Romania, they have a great chance to become presidents, as they seem to be the most suitable choice between the other dudes (Nastase, Basescu, Vadim, Becali, and so on).

Their political and economical agenda is:

  • Eradication of manele - go for it!!!
  • Legalization of the iarba - economy will grow from the exports
  • Eradication of the Mob - BUG Mafia, the most important opposing party and their army - baietasii , aka baieti de baieti in the Pantelimon Hood
  • Growing the currency from one pula and 2 coaie to 2 pulas and 4 coaies per habbitant - will have the women's votes
  • Introducing a new industry - muie - they will give the population muie and the population will sell it abroad in the West
  • Eradication of the bands that sing playback - Playback poa' sa faca si o surda-muta
  • Growing the population of Romania, through the "sloboz law" - Cred ca ti-a vorbit ma-ta despre mine / Am sa-i slobozesc in gat inca un copil ca tine
  • Developing coffee and instant coffee crops - Ai ochii ca cafeaua / Da te freci ca nessu'.