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October 15, 2019 at 08:56Parliment (not to be confused with Parliament) is a dome made of solidified fire, encased in solidified blood, encased in marble. It is akin to the Death League's Darth Vader-like helm shaped black floating base in the swamp. It is where both Hitler and Dark Jesus reside, pretending to be dead while relaxing in a sunbathing spot.

This is where the Brits foster their hatred of America and the Justice League, a cartoon shown only in America. Eventually Hitler will come out of hiding, and, with the aid of Dark Jesus, triumph over justice and kick everyone's ass. This will result in every country in the world siding with Britain and worldwide unification. So basically, Hitler and Dark Jesus just accidently saved the world from dealing with World War III. Oops!

From this dome, later on, the entire earth will be ruled with a wooden, slightly burning fist that singes weaker nations and empowers stronger ones. The Jesus and the Hitler will be happy.

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