Partially Huffable Kitten

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The Partially Huffable Kitten
Species Kitteneus Partialle Inhalium
Classification A Partially-Huffable species of Cat
Position Second in Command to the Ruler of the Galaxy
Motive To stop Kitten Huffing and to protect the Non-Huffable Kitten.
Weapon Hiding behind the Non-Huffable Kitten.
Super Powers Breathalyzer Stab, Moustache Tickle.
Born Some Time.
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“Great, now there are 1.5 of them.”

~ Oscar Wilde on The Non-Huffable Kitten and the Partially Huffable Kitten

“Always two there are. A master, and an apprentice.”

~ Yoda on The Non-Huffable Kitten and the Partially Huffable Kitten

“We may have a chance. This one can be a decoy.”

~ AKHM on The Partially Huffable Kitten

“I never get enough laughs about this!”

~ The Non-Huffable Kitten on The Partially Huffable Kitten

“I own the furry little things.”

~ AAA on The Non-Huffable Kitten and the Partially Huffable Kitten

The Partially Huffable Kitten is a species of mis-developed Non-Huffable species of cat, which gives it partial huffablility. This kitten is the second-in-command to the Non-Huffable Kitten in wars and it is a minor member of the Anti Kitten Huffing Movement. But unlike the Non-Huffable Kitten, this cat does not show as an illusion to a Kitten Huffer because everyone knows this cat can be huffed, sort of.

Huffing this Cat[edit]

This kitten has similarities to the Non-Huffable Kitten, yet this cat can be huffed. The only differences from a normal cat is that it will not die once huffed. On the other hand, it will be huffed and one of its nine lives will become willingly huffed (since in normal cats one huff kills them because all nine lives fight until they kill each other) and destroy the person's ability to take deep breaths and then teleports back into the kitten. The disease/trait is not contagious, which means you will not lose huffability if you huff a cat next to this one. However, after huffing this kitten the huffer will experience awful rash, temporal liver failure and sonic diarrhea.


This kitten was born... Well... Aww screw it, nobody cares or knows. This cat had currently one brain transfer with Stalin during the SGBF (Details Below) which was a success, but eventually was reversed. This kitten was huffed about 100 times, and all of the peopled who huffed it died of suicide since they could no longer huff. He is a good friend of Chuck Norris, who can huff the un-huffable kitten.

Involvement in some important War/Battle[edit]

In 3507, Non-Huffable Kitten decided that Partially Huffable Kitten is too useless, so he put Stalin's brain in it just for fun. The result was a huffable kitten with an invisible moustache that could say "Meow" with heavy Georgian accent and smoke a joint at the same time. When Non-Huffable Kitten finally stopped laughing at this partially (non-)huffable abomination in 3511, he gave Partially Huffable (or not?) Kitten the rank of Vice Admiral in Kitten Soviet Galactic Battle Fleet. Surpsingly enough, being on a Federation Starship and thus being inaccessible to the huffers raised the kitten's spirit and allowed him to contribute to Non-Huffable Kitten's plan of invasion of Earth. Overall contributions were estimated at being 3% of the plan, most important of them being the color of catnip cans and the supply of toilet paper.

Following Non-Huffable Kitten's temporal non-huffability loss in World War XVI, Partially Huffable Kitten pulled the SGBF out to avoid the onslaught by Unclyclopedians, huffing by Oscar Wilde, and was non-huffed by enraged AKHM who believed that this kitten has failed to protect their glorious leader. Fortunately, Jimbo Wales' revert of Earth killed off most of AKHM, allowing SGBF to escape to Mars, where Partially Huffable Kitten learned to survive in the harsh environment, and almost became non-huffable when Non-Huffable Kitten returned almost 200 years later and proceeded to laugh his cute kitten ass off at the Almost Non-Huffability, degenerating it back to Partial Huffability.

Per Mutual Non-Huffing Pact, this kitten returned to Earth along with both SGBF and Uncyclopedian survivors (in return for Oscar Wilde being contained in nothing for the whole trip to avoid a huff), and became premier of the newly-reestablished USSR. He wore boots to the end of his life to make any possible huffer choke, but this security measure was proven ineffective when Samus Aran, still believing SGBF was a bunch of Space Pirates, shot Partially Huffable Kitten with her customized Pants Vaporizer, which vaporized the boots, the moustache and the pipe due to lack of pants. This allowed Samus and her partner Master Chief to perform a twin huff, which disintegrated the body of the Partially Huffable Kitten. They didn't know that it would result in releasing the full power of Stalin's brain, allowing it to restore Stalin's completely unhuffable (since there is no Stalin huffing) human body. Then Stalin purged both Samus and Chief and led USSR to peace and prosperity.

With Stalin's full body and brain in the same place, the Partially Huffable Kitten exists on its own completely oblivious to the fact that it had switched brains with Stalin and it does not believe Stalin exists.