Partick Thistle Football Club

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The Partick Thistle Football Club or "The Evil Jags" are by far the most feared soccer team in all of Glasgow, not to mention one of the oldest. Since 1876 the club colours of red, yellow and black have been striking fear into the heart of every non Partick fan in Scotland. The club was formed by ex-soccer hooligans in 1876 as a way of letting the upper classes of Partick kick the lower classes and hit them with a traditional Scottish Thistle without bothering the already stretched police forces of Glasgow.

By 1906 the club had moved home to Maryhill (a more "up market" version of Partick) and gave up most of the kicking and thistle beating and started playing soccer (or football as its called here) with some success. Since the move away from Partick the club have won over 300 league titles, overshadowing their city rivals Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers many times over, and have carried the kicking tradition forward with many fines and league enquiries regarding their awful disciplinary record.

Their current star player, top goalscorer and all round heart throb is the gorgeous Craig Hinchcliffe, signed during the summer from AC Milan for a record £16M.