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Pasketmaul is a sport for low-level functioneers. It was invented ages ago by people from Kaleeshentarsuka, it is rumoured that the Grand Hight Maharaji went back in time and inveted it.It is played by the Harijans of Dubai and YOU.


The Maharaji was concerned about the number of dirty disgusting low class filth playing pasketmaul at professional level. After deciding that this was not good for the sports reputation, he created Pasketmaul/Lite for such filth that should be unlucky enough to play it.

After the scandal involving the Royal scum the queen, pasketmaul/lite is the only version of the game allowed to be played in england.

Notable Players[edit]

Door Samosa - He was the very first player recruited for Pasketmaul/Lite, he was the captain of SIOV ( Smelly Infected Oranges Virus) before being recruited by R.A.M.B.O to become a game planner.

Dany Ferreell - A lower class of player than Door ,he captained the TripleDcup team to their first every victory.

Notable Teams[edit]

SIOV Noor Samosa was the captain of this team, they have never won a game but have always complained about a infrigment and had the result favour them.

TripleDcup They have only won one game

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